Cosmetics And Skincare: How Safe You Are?


Can we trust each and every cosmetic that we tend to use? Well, when we have governing bodies and corporations to look after our safety, why should we worry about the safety of skincare products we use? But when we see that dangerous cosmetic ingredients like paraben, lead, and 1, 4-dioxane are still rampantly used in many ranges of skincare products, our fear is well-based. Even FDA website says that not all cosmetics are tested for the utmost safety of use. This is the reason we have to be on our toes while selecting healthier and safer skincare products.

What are the most frequently used and dangerous cosmetics?

It has been seen that the cosmetic products that do heavy advertising are the most sold cosmetics. For example-

* The baby skincare products like Sesame Street Products and Johnson and Johnson baby soaps and shampoos contain 1, 4-dioxane that is highly notorious human carcinogen.
* Many popular lipstick brands contain large amounts of lead, without mentioning it in their list of ingredients. Even the brands like L’Oreal and Cover Girl are no exceptions. However, learning from mistakes, the brands like Wet and Wild have come up with lipsticks without inclusion of lead.
* The cosmetics containing phenolic compounds are used for tightening the skin and avoiding aging effect on the skin. However, many of these products are respiratory toxicants that may lead to even dangerous complications like respiratory arrest, paralysis, and coma.
* The Almay’s Lasting Make Up and Naturalist Eye-Defining Pencil, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Shampoo and Jojoba Moisture Rich Cleanser, Clean and Clear’s Self-Foaming Face Wash, John Frieda’s Instant Conditioner, etc are the products that are very popular and contain paraben and related compounds. These are carcinogenic and cause endocrine problems too.

Good Cosmetics:

However, with the increasing awareness about danger of many skincare product ingredients, many cosmetic manufacturers have taken vow not to use these dangerous chemical sin their beauty products. These are mostly herbal products that contain ingredients like natural palm oil, aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, yucca root, lactalbumin, balsam tolu, myrrh, witch hazel, benzoin gum, etc. it is therefore advisable to see the ingredients much closely and then finalize our decision to opt for a particular cosmetic or skincare product.

The list of ingredients that should be avoided while selecting your cosmetic:

1. Oxynol
2. PEG (Polyethylene glycol)
3. Any ingredient that has suffix-eth, like in myreth, laureth, cateareth, oleth, etc.
4. Polyethylene
5. Polyoxyethylene
6. BHA and BHT
7. Benzoic acid, sodium benzoate
8. Para-hydroxybenzoic acid esters (methyl, butyl, propyl, etc)

Your skin and body are precious. Never succumb to highly hyped advertising campaigns and indulge in safety campaigns of cosmetic and skincare products. It’s safe for you!


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