Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth


Generally, we all are familiar that hypnosis makes wonders in losing weight and terminating smoking. Hypnosis has been in use for quite a long time to help various health-related issues. Pregnant women are no exception. They also enjoy the privilege that hypnosis offers for pregnancy and childbirth. The benefit of experiencing natural childbirth without any discomfort cannot be ignored. Hypnosis helps pregnant women by keeping them relaxed and calm. This is possible because hypnosis is a controlled focus and utilizing this controlled focus, assists in protracting your brain waves.

Hypnosis can assist pregnant women in many ways in different stages of their pregnancy.

Hypnosis can support in fertility

There are invariable reasons where women are incapable of becoming pregnant due to various medical reasons. But they have found assistance with hypnosis. Hypnosis is a combo pack of imagining and visualizing. Many women believe in thinking positively and imagining, to turn true. So imagining and visualizing a baby can make things happen such as becoming pregnant. Stress in women affects the sperm quality in men and so is one of the vital reasons to inhibit pregnancy. As hypnosis is expertise in relieving stress, it is considered to support pregnancy.

Hypnosis can help Women to Become More Comfortable

Many women undergo distress and anxiety during pregnancy, such as morning sickness, nausea, etc. The concentration of such sickness can be reduced through hypnosis. Women with high blood pressure find absolute relied in hypnosis as it assists them in relaxing. Relaxation in turn helps in controlling the symptoms.

Hypnosis Can assist in the child Birth Process

Women prefer using hypnosis to assist them in having natural child birth as they can do it without any drugs. Hypnosis utilization relaxes and relieves them from the sensation of pain, fear and anxiety, thereby creating a calm environment. The pregnant women can realize everything going around, inclusive of the contractions they are undergoing, but will be at ease in command of the sensation she experiences. Hypnosis teaches her to remain calm and tackle with patience. No matter whether you plan for a natural childbirth or not, hypnosis can help you over the entire process. Hypnosis teaches us you to acquire control over your pregnancy rather than the pregnancy acquires control over you.
Hypnosis support in childbirth

Hypnosis works effectively in medical procedures with alarming success even with people who suffer with life threatening diseases. Hypnosis support in childbirth is essential as it trains pregnant women to undergo the discomfort and pain as mere painful pleasure. The word pleasure itself relaxes the mother and provides utmost comfort. Hypnotic suggestions are followed for physical relaxation. This prepares the conscious mind that the birth will be easy and comfortable which acts like a mentor keeping the entire body fit. Labor, delivery, and normal childbirth are great reasons for pregnant women to feel their pulsating heart beat abnormal. But wise women utilize hypnosis to evade fear and pain during childbirth.

Hypnosis evades fear

Childbirth is considered as a normal event in women’s life. Yet for many generations, we know that childbirth is a painful process leading to fear and anxiety. We expect labor pains because our mind is fully prepared to do so. This is because we have heard many stories from our elders regarding the agony of pain and suffering. Similarly, hypnosis is a session that imparts the thought that the birth procedure will be peaceful with less discomfort.

Hypnosis teaches you to be relaxed and calm which is very helpful during pregnancy and child birth. Hypnosis teaches her to have absolute control over her mind and body. You can visualize the labor progressing and feel the pleasure of your childbirth with comfort. This is because hypnosis has programmed her mind to accept things and evade things to her choice.

The advantages of using hypnosis during childbirth are very few drugs are taken or mostly no drugs which means less of risk to both mother and the baby. Similarly, as they hardly take drugs there is no scope for any side effects. Subsequently, the advantage of using hypnosis results in increased resisting capacity resulting in diminished pain or at times totally eliminated. This calmness and mental strength allows the mother to be relaxed throughout the process. Another boon of hypnosis is due to total control of mind there are hardly any complications during labor.

Learning hypnosis and practicing it gives a great relief in various activities. Hypnosis does wonders not only in the field of medicine and childbirth; it casts its spell in an optimistic way in all the fields. You can attend some classed to know more about hypnosis. You can also select a course book on hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth which can be of immense support during labor. Tapes, CDS, handouts and scripts will also support your thought. You can go to hypnotherapists and find suitable and effective solution for any fear or disorder.

Childbirth and pregnancy are exceptional cases in the hypnosis program. It is exceptional because the fact is obvious that there is no childbirth without pain, yet this pain is not realized and she feels comfortable, calm and enjoys this phase of life in a pleasurable way due to hypnosis which molds her to think positively and to do it accordingly.


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