Avoid Bad Habits and Hasten the Healing of Acne!


The very first step in getting rid of acne is to avoid all of the bad habits that can aggravate this condition. Have patience and never give up, as the healing process will take some time. It is a well- known saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In order to keep your skin free of acne, you need to clean it. The unwanted elements on your skin should be washed off on a regular basis. Wash your face twice a day so that your skin does not accumulate the excessive oils that can lead to acne formation. Use gentle soap, especially soap which is meant for acne. (You can easily find this at your nearest chemist shop.) Never develop the habit of scratching pimples, although this may be hard to avoid, as the area around them can become irritated. This should be strictly avoided as it may lead to a chronic condition. Some teens are not aware of the consequences of pinching acne. They believe that by pinching it they can get rid of it, but this is completely untrue.

Smokers should know that smoking does not only lead to lung cancer. It has the tendency to constrict the body’s blood vessels and hinders the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. It also promotes aging.

In addition, the excessive consumption of alcohol can be compared to the digging of a hole in one’s body. Alcohol has the tendency to destroy vitamin A, which is extremely important for your skin in fighting against infection and keeping your skin smooth. In the absence of vitamin A, your body will become prone to acne and, as a result, your skin will become quite dull. It could also lead to premature aging.

Skin protection is about a lot more than just putting on the right makeup. It is also about taking care of your internal system. Try eliminating bad lifestyle habits by introducing a healthy regimen into your life in order to make your inner and outer body healthy. Consume more fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of high fat foods. Try to drink at least 12-14 glasses of water a day.

Are you still wondering why all prior acne treatments didn’t work? By now, the main reasons have probably become clear. We hope that the above suggestions will help you in speeding up the process of ridding your body of acne.


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