How to Release Anger without hurting self and others? A safer and healthy way.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned -Buddha
Buddha is always right. Isn’t it?

. In this article, I’ll share some healthy and safer ways to express or release your anger.

First of all, why does anyone get angry? Well, if you understand this, probably you won’t ever lose your temper. You’ll never want to harm yourself. The very basic reasons why someone gets angry can be:
1. Unfulfilled expectations
2. A feeling of being threatened or attacked
3. A feeling of being neglected
Once you get to the roots of these causes, you won’t ever feel angry. We will get to this in our future articles. But now, when you are already angry, let’s try to release it in a healthy and safest way possible.
 Take a deep breath in, breath out completely, in … out … in …. 
Hope this worked. No? Well, that was just a simple exercise. Here are some of the funny, creative and destructing ways to release your anger.

1. Count backward

This is the most basic and efficient way to get the anger out of your mind. Whenever you feel annoyed just start counting slowly 20, 19, 18, 17, … , 2, 1, 0.
If you feel to be too much annoyed, increase the number. Start it from 100. By the time you focus on the number, I am sure you will be free from the thoughts that annoyed you.

2. Scream out

Scream out but make sure you are alone (you won’t like to encourage other ones to scream out too). Take the pain to close yourself in an isolated room or in your car and scream the hell out of you. How can someone make you angry? Wait till the time you’re done and then continue with your work as normal.
Remember, silence is the best answer. This way you won’t harm others and yourself too.

3. Punching bag

Click here to buy one for yourself if you get angry too frequently. This is a proven fact, the more intensely you punch out, the more the anger will release.
Just go in front of a punching bag. It will be great if you could stick a photo of that lovely person who annoyed you. Rest you know pretty well what to do.

4. Write a letter

Though it will require a lot of practice, try to write a letter. Write down all your feelings and emotions. Write down why you are feeling so and what made you angry.
Remember not to post that letter to anyone. It’s just to release your anger. Just in case, if your anger is too much, and you did post it by mistake, make sure you mention this in the last of the note  written in anger .
When we are angry, we don’t know what we are saying. Hence we should avoid arguing with people at that certain point in time. Mentioning this at the end of the letter can prevent a lot of damage in the future. Maybe you will not loose the precious one whom you love deeply. Words are so powerful, no?

5. Draw out your anger

Just take a paper and pen and draw out your anger. Try to be as creative as you want. See how your anger looks in the paper.
That rude manager promoted your colleague instead of you. Did you feel like hitting him hard on his face? Draw it.
Check how good you are at expressing your feeling to yourself by drawing it on paper.

6. Quick 5 minute meditation

This is my favorite. The best way to release anger is to realize everything is temporary. No action deserves to distort your peace of mind. Find yourself a quiet place, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and exhale fully. Repeat this for a while. You will just forget what caused you to get angry. You may want to read health apps that can keep you mentally healthy yet relaxed.
Remember, no one deserves to annoy us and most importantly you should not give anyone else the privilege to control your mood.
These are all tried and tested methods to control your anger without affecting others. What’s your unique healthy and safer way to control your anger, do write to us about it in the comment section below.
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