Help Your Depressed Loved Ones Before It Gets Too Late


Here wishing blissful life to anyone who is thinking of ending their life. I know for sure that your pain is unimaginable and you are at the stage where you find it hard to continue because you are lost .I can’t derogate that pain you are going through, nevertheless I can still try to share my opinions on suicidal acts.

I want to share a tragic incident which shook me when my cousin committed suicide. The final gust when he discovered that his girl friend dumped him .I was just figuring out the reasons that why did he end his life like this? He was my childhood friend and I knew his relationships with his family members, he left his family and started living in a hostel from his school days.

He had an extremely tormented past, he used to show me the scars caused by brutal fights between he and his father. He was badly abused by his father because his father always used to cause psychological devastation to his mother, finally it lead to end her life. Even after an emotional loss of her mother still his father used to beat him severely, Ronal was no saint he was also a brutal person.

No matter how bad he was still he had a right to get loved and cared by his father. He carried all that rage and anger from his childhood abuse that he always used to be very depressed. When he discovered that his girl friend also left him he couldn’t take it. It was the final setback which he couldn’t take it, as he loved his girl friend so much. He was always deprived of compassion and sometimes I blame myself too for not giving him enough time.

I always tell myself that god never promised us a perfect life, we live in a world where good times comes in installments and rest of the time you struggle to fight with ups and downs.


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