You Need To Start Reading To Believe How Books Can Improve Your Memory


reading can cure dementia

“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.”

Reading has not been an always loved habits for many since school. Though our teachers tried their level best to inculcate this habit in us. But, some managed to escape.

The social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more have replaced the conventional way of reading books to digital reading.

During a survey, on asking a group of people around 100 of them do not remember the last time they read a book or a magazine.

It came as a surprise to me to see people not aware about the benefits of reading those lead to better mental and physical health.

The increasing sale of e-books has completely swallowed the hard copies of the same.

To revive the olden time reading ways. Here are 7 reasons those will surely shift you from digital reading to paper reading!


1. Mind care

The brain is the main circuit of our body. It is essential to opt for ways and habits those make it function properly. According to the American study reading a book can cure brain diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia. It helps to keep your brain active and even memorizing easy.

Just like our body our brain also needs to workout than just stuffing in text and graphics.

Reading helps to make the brain brush up its skills and stay active.


2. Stress Reliever

Stress reliever

We are all a victim of stress in some or the other way. We take sessions, get counseled and even go through medication to get rid of it. But, still at some point we tend to see it coming back.

Stress has become a part of life. To reduce its ill-effects and not let it harm your mental balance. Reading a book for just 30 minutes can take off around 70% of stress. It helps to divert your mind to other aspects those are more interesting and can uplift your mood.

One of the best ways to get away with depression is to start reading books those add excitement and knowledge to explore your talent.

reading one of the best hobby

3. Expansion Of Knowledge

Teachers say reading expands your horizon of knowledge. It is true! Yes the more you read the more you get to know about the surrounding events. It even adds to knowing about new terms, lifestyle, culture and discoveries. As educated people, we should brush up our knowledge to better understand kids, self and tackle situations.

It helps to strengthen our skills and talent for better productivity. You will build more confidence and self-esteem if you have improved your vocabulary by reading.


4. Memory Improvement

As superfoods are food for better health. In a similar way, reading is food to shaper memory. Our memory Is one of the most important parts of the brain. It lays the ground of our essence of existence. While reading a book we have a lot of scenes, characters and events taking place. Simultaneously they even run into our minds. This helps to memorize multiple things at a time. The science says that every new addition to the memory strengthens the former ones and manages your short term memory to change your mood setting for good.

5. Thinking Expansion

expansion of knowledge

When we read about new terms, stories, incidents, and other aspects. Our process of thinking expands. With more knowledge comes more intelligence and the power to tackle problems in a better way. Reading does not let you stick to limited knowledge. Instead, it makes you study broader perspective of every situation and analyze.


6. Better Focus

Reading enhances your focusing power even in the midst of noise. It helps to tame your mind and fully concentrate on something. By improving your focus, you will polish your productivity skills and timely finish your work. Even if you have lots of distractions around reading will not let you lose attention. Try reading a book for 15 minutes before settling for work. Practice this for a week or two and see the improvement in productivity.

sound sleep after reading

7. Better Sleep

This may be mentioned at the last. But, is one of the most proven fact about reading books. For people with sleeping disorder. If you read for 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Then it can really help you to dose off. There are a book with interesting captivating plots and outlines. They provide inner peace and relaxation to us. On being at peace internally and mentally you tend to extract stress-free sleep.

It will shed off all the stress and tension of the day and put you to sleep with a relaxed and calm mind.

Make reading a habit to add more fun and enjoyment to your life. Stop neglecting good habits those can change yours and your child’s life for a better mind balance. Explore your imagination and creativity by information that can help you earn more!!!!

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