7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Organic foods

why eat organic food

Why eat organic food? Whatever food you eat, right from breakfast to snacks to dinner, either they are packaged and processed food or are grown with heavy chemicals. So when you are consuming such foods, does your body eliminate all those chemicals or absorb them within the body?

Well, the body absorbs such chemicals induced in the plant for faster growth. So what does that mean? The body gets less immune and more prone to disease. Prolonged consumption of such food can lead to serious diseases as well. And hence people all around the globe are now switching to organic foods.

What’s organic food?

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In the most simplistic way, organic food can be explained as the food grown without the use of any kind of chemicals. Their vegetation includes the use of natural fertilizers. These are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or any kind of synthetic food additives.

So what happens when you move to organic foods?

1. Environment-friendly

Since the production of organic food requires less use of chemicals and industrial products, it doesn’t deteriorate the yield capacity of the soil. Thus the soil can be used again and again for farming without losing its nutrient value.

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Since it uses natural fertilizers, it avoids contamination of groundwater unlike in the modern farming methods which use pesticides and sewage.

2. Animal-friendly

There are many factors such as cage-free and grass-fed animals which also relates to livestock and poultry care in organic farming. Since organic farming doesn’t rely on mass production, animals have better access to their natural food and they live naturally healthy. They do not have to suffer through force-feeding and using excessive drugs on them.

3. Best for Health

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As the food grown organically is free from chemicals and is rich in nutrients, the body receives what it actually needs without any extra unwanted chemical supplements. This improves the metabolism of different body organ systems and contributes to healthy living. Apart from that since organic farming protects groundwater from contamination, this means it also protects the drinking water.

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4. Better evolution

Since your kids will eat the naturally grown body, without any ingestion of chemicals, their body will grow more naturally and it will not interfere in the normal growth procedure. Hence the evolution will go as natural. With the use of chemicals in the body you can imagine what the future generation will look like.

5. Support to small local farmers

Since organic farming doesn’t rely on mass production, each farmer has to take care of their own yield and harvest accordingly. With the demand for high organic foods, the small and local farmers can grow and work with greater motivation.

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6. Safe for agricultural workers

It sufficiently reduces the risk of hazards among farmers as they are not exposed to chemicals as in the case of the farming industry. Because of the certification of organic foods, farmers will not involve using any chemicals in their produce as well.

7. Tasty and yummy

As God has designed these natural foods himself, they are tasty and yummy as compared to food produced in mass production farming. Though organic foods don’t look so fresh like those available in the supermarkets, they are believed to be tastier than them. Though the factor of taste is subjective, why don’t you try it yourself and let us know too?

why eat organic food
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So now when you know what benefits it has on moving to organic foods, for both humans and nature, I assume you will encourage it among your community too. Organic foods not only help us grow healthy they contribute a lot in building a healthy and sustainable society along with preserving nature.

Hope this article gave enough reasons for ‘why eat organic food?’ If you have already switched to organic foods, what are the changes you can observe? Do share with us the benefits of moving on to organic food and let your words spread.

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