What is Fatty Liver Disease?


Many times you must have noticed people complaining about loss of weight, it can be a symptom of fatty liver disease. This disease is caused when excess amount of fat is deposited in the liver. However there are several reasons behind fatty liver disease among them the most common is drinking excess alcohol.


When the disease is caused due to alcohol drinking it is known as alcoholic fatty liver disease. Whereas when it is caused due to other reason is non-alcoholic disease. In worst cases it can be fatal, which is very rare.


The symptoms of fatty liver disease depend upon its cause like in case of non alcoholic liver disease at early stages no symptoms are observed. Sometimes an individual may experience constant feeling of tiredness, malaise etc. But in later stages one can observe loss of appetite, nausea, swelling, and itching.


There is no specific treatment for this condition as there is no medication that can help to treat this disease. To reverse the effect of this condition the doctors advise to make some changes in lifestyle and habits. In alcoholic liver disease it is advised to completely abstain from drinking alcohol. Because continue drinking can cause liver cirrhosis, there it is necessary to quit drinking to reverse the condition.

Obesity is one among the major causes of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. It can be treated by bringing obesity under control. For this disease weight loss is an effective treatment, so it is advised to follow a proper diet and routine.
It should always be remembered that fatty liver disease is reversible and can be completely cured by proper treatment.


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