What Is Autism And Why It Needs Special Care


Autism a sensitive issue

The news of various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid have become common in are society. Cases about autism are lesser known. It makes me wonder, whether people are aware about this disease or not.

Mostly people suffering from such diseases, isolate themselves or are forced to cut away from the society, due to the behavior of the society towards them.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is disability that occurs due to lack of proper development of the brain. Our nervous system is the headquarter of our body. The functions and order sent to the entire system is through this section.

After a thorough research it has been observed that autism occurs during the early years of the child. It is a result of neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain and disrupts the normal way of communicating and socializing.

autism needs love and affection

It has also been observed that this disorder is transfered genetically. Which means if the child has a family history with any kind of mental disorder or ADHD, hypertension etc then he is likely to receive autism or related problems in the blood.

Each child develops at their own pace. Some learn quickly and some a little late. This makes it difficult for the parents to detect the problem at an early stage.

After a quick brief about the disease I want to share what are the symptoms those can help you study your child closely and even treat them as soon as possible.

symptoms of autism

Following observations will help you know the situation better

  • Your child does not prattle a lot or even makes sounds in the effort to talk.
  • Different types of facial expression and abrupt body postures.
  • The child does not like to share happy, sad or any other emotion with anybody.
  • They lack the feeling of reverting to any kind of emotion.Their interest lies within themselves. They lack the spirit to play like other kids.
  • A slight difficulty in listening to the talks.
  • During the teenage a child suffering from autism can show constant, anxiety and can go into depression.
  • Sleeping is another part that gets affected due to the problem.
  • Does not make an eye contact.
  • They avoid being touched or cuddled in any way.
  • For grownups they cannot speak properly. Grammatical errors,wrong words etc.
  • Rigid to what they do. Do not welcome changes.
  • Fidgety( hands flapping,rocking,moving around,staring at lights etc)

Apart from these common symptoms it is all necessary to know factors those contribute to such disorders and problems.

autism a disability in development

  • Mothers who take pills like anti depressants during pregnancy can cause huge harm to the develop child leading to such illnesses.
  • Nutritional deficiency during pregnancy.
  • Late pregnancy can be another reason.
  • Complications during or after pregnancy.
  • Excessive exposure to pollution during pregnancy.
  • Infections of any sort during that time.

autism patients need special care


With these alarming symptoms and factor you can now wake up to keep a regular check on your child and yourself.

You need to provide extended care and concern to the patient in order to not let the illness restrict their freedom to live.

As mothers make sure you take care of your pregnancy days to let your child develop as a healthy human being.

Fight back autism and make this world a better place to live.

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