Weight Loss Surgery May Help You Reduce Urinary Problem


obesity-surgery-health-nicheObesity is often associated with lower urinary tract symptoms like frequent micturition, leakage of bladder, incomplete bladder emptying or the need to urinate at night.  A recent research says that weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery may also reduce the severity of such associated lower urinary tract problems.

According to an analysis done by Francois Desgrand champs from Saint-Louis hospital in France, it is found that there is a significant link between treated lower urinary tract symptoms and the metabolic syndrome.  In this analysis, he observed 4,666 male patients of 55-100 years of age. Among them, 51.5% of patients were reported to have metabolic syndrome. The remaining 47% of patients did not show any symptoms of metabolic syndrome who were already treated for metabolic syndrome. However the risk is also increased in treating lower urinary tract infection. But he said that we can prevent such risk factors by changing the diet pattern as well as doing regular physical exercise.

Another study had done by the scientists of New Zealand on 72 patients by following up for one year who underwent bariatric surgery. During this observation period of post-surgery, they observed a significant reduction of overall symptoms of lower urinary tract symptoms. They also found a reduction in the body mass index and an improved insulin sensitivity in these patients that is very beneficial to prevent type-2 diabetes mellitus.

The author Richard Stubbs from Wakefield hospital added from his study that Lower urinary tract symptoms are reduced and improved after weight loss surgery but it is not related to the degree of weight loss.

From the above study and analysis, it is evaluated that bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery plays a significant part in the improvement of urinary tract symptoms and insulin resistance

Image source: http://www.theketogenicdiet.org/


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