Weight Gain: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Weight Gain: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Weight gain can be an achievement, a curse or just a down-right horror!  If you have a real reason to be concerned, one that is justified by abnormal standards, then here are some things you might need to know. Weight Gain: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Slim people who have a high metabolic rate burn calories very quickly and seem to stay on the slim side.  Young men who are in high school feel inferior if they are slim and wish that they could have that football player’s physique.  There are some considerations before beginning a crash course to gain some pounds. You need to talk with your doctor.

Today there are too many wonder remedies to everyday concerns.  Why would you choose to go it alone with the ads in the back of the magazines?  Consulting with you doctor is really much better because he will let you know what is FDA approved and what is really just a scam.  Your health is more important than choosing the seemingly easy way out.

Your doctor will recommend supplements and may want you to get involved in an exercise program to help you build muscle along with the intake of the supplements.  Muscle gain is extremely important when you are trying to sculpt a better body.

Perhaps you have the opposite problem and you can’t imagine how you have gained weight.  Many factors influence weight gain.  Everything from a change in lifestyle to new medications, to injuries and lack of exercise.  Oh, by the way, overeating is a huge factor. Find out what is the proper number of calories you should consume for your age, sex and height.  Charts are available on the Internet and in books. It is so easy to justify that ice cream cone in the summer or those hot chocolates in the cold months.

Calories are calories and if you consume more than you body needs, they become stored as fat.  Younger men and women have an easier time losing weight by watching calories and exercising.  Their metabolism, or the rate at which their bodies use the energy from calories, is much higher than that of the middle-aged or older person.

Medications that cause weight gain can be monitored or adjusted by your doctor, but when it comes to antidepressants, you must to talk to your doctor before you quit your medication.

Older seniors are no longer as active as they once were and tend to hold on to the pounds that come along. Thankfully, their appetites don’t seem as huge as they once were either. A healthy life style is still very important, and the elastic waistbands really are not as ugly as some may think…one extra inch should not be considered as ugly. It is when the inches keep growing that you need a doctors help! Being happy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.



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