Voluson E8 Expert BT08 Ultrasound Machine


Ultrasound technology enables medical practitioners to perform non invasive diagnostic procedures on patients for determining causal factors for various ailments or fro examining fetal development in pregnant women. The other uses of these machines are to determine reasons for suspicious heart activity or heart ailments and can help determine the normalcy in the functioning of the human heart.

The Voluson E8 Expert BT08 Ultrasound Machine is a power packed piece of medical equipment which boasts of three transducers and is comes with innovative cutting edge technology that delivers crystal clear images with sharp details and helps you identify and diagnose efficiently and accurately

The CrossXBeam CRI generates high definition images that help differentiate tissue borders. The trademark HD flow technology provides extra sensitive scope for vascular study and narrows down overwriting errors. The volume contrast imaging functionality enhances image quality in either single or multi planes for particular volume acquisition.

The machine incorporates a high resolution endovaginal probe that detects the finest details and displays them in 4D during gynecology exams. Wide sector technology from curved array probes increases the breadth of viewing enabling discernment of additional anatomical information.

Matrix array probes provide better visualization through increased resolution. The image automation features based on sonography, such as automated volume count follicle and volume computer aided display calculate number and volume of hypoechoic structures and help standardize the image orientation of the fetal heart by rendering automatic views from single volume acquisitions.

The unique design is small and light and makes the machine portable. It comes with a 19 inch flat screen monitor which reduces stress on the eyes and provides increased clarity and visibility. A fully articulating arm enables console independent monitoring. The control panel can be adjusted for height as per requirement and the intuitive user interface makes it user friendly and reduces keystrokes and extra manual manipulations.



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