7 Essential Vaccines Your Child Must Get


essential vaccines for kids

Nothing on earth gives you pride and joy than becoming a mother. Each woman aspires to experience the feeling of this emotion. Though at certain points you find it as a never ending struggle. But the experience is the true happiness of living your life for a part of you.

Along with the joyous moments and experiences, one needs to be a responsible mother. You need to keep a check on other important duties towards the child’s growth. Apart from changing diapers and feeding, the health plays an inevitable role.

As a mother, you are possessive about your child and want nothing to hurt him in any way. In this emotion, they often doubt the difficult ways of protecting their child’s health. For example- vaccination.

The spreading web of diseases has made it essential for the children and adults to get vaccinated.

Since the infants have low immunity these vaccines are essential to protect them.

According to the study, the child should get 24 vaccinations to protect them from diseases by the age of two.

There are various kinds of vaccinations available in the medical premises. You should know about the ones ignored all this while.

These vaccines have become mandatory for a child.

As a new mother, you might find it tough to have a clear knowledge about them. So to resolve this problem I have noted essential vaccines for your infant. Without a second thought go through them. Know why they are so important for your child’s longer and healthier life.

1. DPTP-Hib

The vaccines have many other names like-DPT-Polio or Hib vaccine. It protects the child from Hib diseases, tetanus, diphtheria. These booster shots should are put once in a lifetime for any age group till 64.

2. MMR

MMR vaccine is advisable for children of any age. It protects the body from three illnesses those are measles, mumps, and rubella. The shots are given  in two parts. The prescription is mandatory to register the child to any school or college.

healthy child better learning

3. Hepatitis B

The virus in the disease affects the liver. In acute cases, it causes infection for a long term and can even lead to death. It is like a flue and can carry from one body to another. The vaccination starting from the age of 1 year. The shots are in two parts and one each in the gap of six months.

4. Varicella

The vaccine is especially discovered to treat chickenpox. It is a contagious disease. Parents considered it better and less painful to occur during childhood than adult age. Starting from 12 months to the age of 12 the child should get 2 shots of the vaccine with a gap of 3 months.

5. Pneumococcal Vaccine

The vaccine is to protect the body against Streptococcus pneumonia infection. It is a deadly infection that causes pneumonia, blood poisoning etc. It also protects against meningitis that causes brain infection. The virus destroys the layer protecting the spinal cord and brain. It is a contagious disease and a fatal one. It is advisable for children from the age of 11 to 18 years.

6. HPV

The vaccine is one of the most important for girls. Human papillomavirus is a virus that affects a girl reproductive organs. It gets transmitted through genital contact. It can be the reason to cause cervical cancer and genital warts in women. You can get your child vaccinated around the age of 11 till 12 or 13 to 26 years of age.

protect girls from diseasa for a better world

7. Rotavirus Vaccine

Infants and kids in their early age get diarrhea on frequent basis. It can lead to serious illness and also life threating situation. The main cause is rotavirus. Due to the spreading cases of this diseases there are a lot of uncertain deaths taking place. In the initial years, it was not as important as the above ones. But, with the increasing number of cases it is important now. The vaccine is taken orally by kids of 2,4 and 6 months of age.

It is important to get your child vaccinated with these before they start going to school. School today has made it mandatory to submit a medical certificate of  health updates. If the child does not have a record or is not vaccinated with such medicines then the admission might be tough.

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Apart from admission it is necessary for your child. As a mother you should have record of all the medical history for further requirements.

Without any worry now you know the important vaccines that your child needs. Go ahead and take another step in protecting your child and his future.

Share with me if I have missed any one!!

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