Upcoming drug therapy for cardiac arrhythmia: Research



A study identified a new set of protein, known as ion channels, can help doctors to invent new therapies for the patients suffering from irregular heart beat or cardiac arrhythmia.  In his study, they discovered that ion channels create an electrical signal in different ways than it was thought earlier.

The electrical signal of the heart is indicated by the opening and closing of the pores on the cell membrane to cross the ions. The voltage exists in the membrane gives the channel proper indication of exact time to open and close the pores. This electrical signal is generated by the protein channel.

The one of the very important channels of the heart known as KCNQ1 that contains about more than 250 mutations. This channel is associated with various problems like cardiac arrhythmia, Cui etc.

This research found another fact in the study that the channel also decides the quality of the electrical signal. Thus it performs as both conductor and composer.

The researchers said that due to lack of accurate models, their understanding was limited to the finding of the mutation that causes fatal arrhythmia and the invention of treatment therapy for the same.

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