Unbelievable Things about Sleeping Postures & how it Impacts Your Body


Did it ever cross your mind that one-third of your life is spent sleeping? Well, it’s just natural and we never think about it. And neither have we thought how we are sleeping. But the way we sleep, our sleeping postures, the duration of deep sleep and all, these everything affects our health in one or another way.

You are lying straight looking on your cell phones. You never realize but you keep your mobile aside, just curl up to your favorite side and fall asleep. Do you find yourself in the same position in the morning as well? Maybe or mostly no.

Everybody has their favorite side of sleeping. Someone sleeps on their stomach, someone on their right or left side, someone just curls up.

Here are a few of the unbelievable facts about sleeping postures and their effects on health.

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 Your body has a memory that recognizes which of the sleeping posture is most comfortable for you.  It automatically detects and you fall to sleep in that position. If you are habituated of sleeping on your right side, then sleeping straight might be a tough job for you. Try that today and do let us know in the comments section below.

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With an increase in age, people tend to sleep on either of their sides.  As people grow up their preference of sleeping position increases sidewise . It is scientifically believed that sleeping on either side of the body accounts for the prevention of heart-related safety measures by the body.

Also, with the increase in age, the frequency of changing sleeping positions overnight reduces as compared with the younger ones who change sleeping positions more often.

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When there are many differences between the male and females, sleep position and preference is also one of them. Sleeping in fetal posture is very common among females Sleeping in fetal posture is very common among females , whereas very few males might be sleeping in a fetal position.


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Well, how a person sleeps can tell a lot about that person. You can try correlating the following characteristic traits as per the sleeping posture with someone.

  1. Someone sleeping on the back has a high level of self-confidence. They are often stubborn and have high expectations for everyone.
  2. Someone sleeping on the stomach is protective about themselves. They are sensitive and can be overwhelmed easily.
  3. Sleeping in a fetal position describes a person as a comfort lover. Well, that is obvious but the person warm-hearted, sensitive and more prone to anxiety.

These were our few analyses and facts about sleeping positions and how they affect our bodies.

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What do you feel about this article? Do you know any other facts about the sleeping position and their positive or negative effects on our body? Do not forget to share with us in the comments section below. The body knows which sleeping posture is best for it. The more comfortable you are with your posture, the deeper the sleep will be.

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