Treating Spider Veins


Most people don’t realize how difficult it can be to live with spider veins, unless you have them yourself. Those whom suffer from this condition will often avoid wearing shorts, bathing suits, and other circumstances which would reveal the spider veins on legs.

The Causes Of Spider Veins
This problem affects women much more often than men. Although things like weight and sun exposure can play a part, the biggest factor usually comes down to our genes. Some of are more likely to develop them simply because it’s a condition which runs in the family.

You will most likely see spider veins on legs including the thighs and calves. They develop when the capillaries near the top layer of the skin don’t work properly. When the blood doesn’t flow through them correctly, it can back up – causing the dark blue-black color. It is this color which makes them stand out so much.

The Treatments For Spider Veins
In today’s world, we have a number of treatments available to treat this condition. Many start out with a spider vein cream which uses vitamin K as the active ingredient. This vitamin is known to help with cosmetic vein issues such as this. But for tough cases, spider vein cream probably won’t be strong enough. This is when it’s time to turn to other treatments like lasers and sclerotherapy; both of which are procedures which a doctor can perform. For extreme cases (known as varicose veins) sometimes surgery is necessary to remove them. This is of course very traumatic to the patient, which is why it’s only used as a last resort.


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