5 top tips and tricks to Induce Sleep Faster


When you are in stress, it becomes difficult to sleep properly and on time. Similarly, when you are too happy or too excited about something, then also sleep vanishes. If you pay attention, you must have experienced this many times.

 The more you think about sleeping, the more time it takes to come to you.  Isn’t it? I am sharing here a few of the 100% working tips to induce sleep faster.

Imagine you have a flight early morning tomorrow to one of your most awaited trips. You are all prepared, excited about the trip, finished all work for the day and now in bed. You are as much excited as ever and your mind doesn’t want to rest as it is busy imagining the things you’ll be doing there.

Similarly, there’s an important hearing in court tomorrow and you are stressed about what the final decision would be. Your mind won’t let you sleep either.


. Stop its everlasting chatter and you will soon be in deep sleep.

Here are few of the working tricks to get to sleep faster.

1. Breathing exercise

The pace and frequency of our thoughts are directly related to our breaths. If you observe, if you are in stress, your breath will become fast. And when you are in your relax mode, your breath will be quiet slow.

You can use this technique to calm your mind and induce sleep faster. So what you need to do is slow your breath in order to slow down your thought process.

Take a deep breath in, hold it for a couple of seconds and then release it through your mouth making a whoosh sound. Repeat it for 5 -10 minutes. Your mind will get still and you will get into sleep.

Check out this short video on how to get sleep faster by controlling breath


2. Guided meditation

There are many mobile apps for Android and iPhones along with a number of guided meditation videos on YouTube that you can take help of. Just open any of the session, follow the instructions and you will not even realize when you fell into sleep.

Yoganidra is one of the best guided meditation for complete relaxation and deep sleep. Click here to practice it now.

3. Maintain a lower room temperature

The study shows  the warmer the place, the higher the heart rate becomes . This can cause restlessness and delay your sleep. Maintaining a lower temperature can reduce your breath rate and help induce faster sleep.

4. No naps during the day

When you take naps during day time, your body has already accumulated enough of rest and it will resist going sleep early.
Avoid taking naps during day time, no matter the however amount of sleepiness or tiredness is. You will find you get faster and deep sleep at night then.

5. Maintain schedule

Once you set a time to go on the bed and rise up early in the morning, your body will eventually get habituated to that time.
So even if there is a lot of chattering in your mind, your body will just want to get to sleep as per its habit.

These were the tried and techniques to get to sleep faster. Along with this there are few dos and don’ts to be considered.


1. Listen to relaxation music once you get to bed.
2. Read books. Read whatever you can without stressing your mind on heavy subjects.
3. Eat properly that you don’t start feeling hungry when you’re about to sleep
4. Exercise during the day time
5. Sleep facing downwards works for many


1. Do not use mobile just before going to sleep
2. Stay away from social media and browsing through your endless newsfeed
3. Do not read news and latest happenings around the world at night
4. Turn off all electronics
5. No caffeine and energy drinks before bed. You want to sleep and not be wide awake, right?

What’s your view on these? A good night sleep can make your next day much energized and productive. Try making a habit of sleeping on time and waking up early. Ideally, 6-8 hours of sleep is enough for the day. Write to us in the comments section below, what is your way of inducing sleep faster when you are struggling to sleep.

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