The Mexican Seafood Restaurant At California Gave Severe Infection In Exchange Of Food


The past weekend has been tough for all those who took their seafood craving seriously in California. The Mariscos San Juan in downtown San Jose served a deadly bacterial infection to all its customers who came to dine for the weekend.

With 80 people affected 12 were admitted to the intensive care unit. The bacteria is named Shigella. It is known to cause severe fever, diarrhea and stomach pain according to the medical officials.

The health officer Dr. Sara Cody of Santa Clara County. States that this bacteria gets born when after using the washroom people do not wash their hands. The doctor adds saying that the virus is likely to spread at the good pace if not treated on time.

According to the survey, more than 100 people are expected to be affected by the end of the week.

The doctors are saying the problem can be treated with antibiotics. All the affected patients after medication are expected to recover timely. The good news is that no child was affected by the illness.

The public health department of Santa Clara County was notified by the local hospital when they received 5 similar cases.

The restaurant license is suspended Since then. Positively the other two restaurants of the same in San Jose do not have any such complaints and are open.

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