Tennis Elbow – A Brief Introduction


If you are suffering from tennis elbow, you should find ways to relieve pain and fix your elbow injury naturally. Using safe pain relief methods will be healthier than popping painkillers all the time. Some people opt for traditional tennis elbow treatment like surgery. This way of dealing with pain and sports injury may have long-term consequences and can affect your future performance in a number of sports.

This condition can also be referred to as shooter’s elbow, archer’s elbow or lateral epicondylitis if you want to get scientific about it. This condition is characterized by soreness and tenderness in the outer portion of the elbow. It is often linked to sports like tennis, racquetball and other sports that use rackets. Ordinary tasks and chores can also cause this condition.

Over exertion of the arms especially the arm that you always prefer to use can also cause lateral epicondylitis. Repetitive motion of the arm is also a factor that can trigger the condition. Studies also show that most people who have this ailment get it on the right arm. This could be due to the fact that most people are right handed and use their dominant arm to perform strenuous tasks.

Although the condition is commonly referred to as “tennis elbow,” only a few patients with this ailment are actually tennis players. Majority of people who have this condition are actually people who work in manual labor in the construction industry. Waiters also make up a big percentage of people who have lateral epicondylitis.
Some medical experts say that it should be named “lateral elbow syndrome” instead of the more common term that links the condition to a sport. The pain on the elbow becomes more acute as you extend your arm fully. You will know if you have this condition if you feel the common symptoms such as pain in the lateral epicondyle or the outer part of your elbow.

Other symptoms are tenderness in the bone outside the elbow, pain as you extend your wrist, and difficulty in gripping things properly. If you have difficulty lifting heavy things that are accompanied by elbow pain, then you should seek tennis elbow treatment through natural means such as exercises and stretches. Seeking surgical means of relieving tennis elbow may be unnecessary.


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