Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes is diagnosed when there is evidence that the body is unable to regulate its blood sugar levels. It is an indication that there is insufficient insulin being produced. Diabetes is characterized by two types called Type I and Type II. The only and most unchanging of all diabetes symptoms is the change in blood sugar level. The associated side effects of high sugar are the signs of diabetes that you have to look out for.

A high level of sugar is not something that you can see happening on your skin or in the mirror. There are some effects of high blood sugar that one must beware of as it is the only one perceptible of all symptoms of diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes are very evident if the diabetes symptoms of elevated levels of sugar in the blood are present for a long period of time. Non-recognition of the symptoms of diabetes or ignoring the diabetes symptoms can lead to major health problems so it is a good idea to know what you should look out for and be aware of the early signs of diabetes which are in a way sending out warning signals to you.

Among the many diabetes symptoms,

The first would be thirst. This thirst is not due to heat, exercise or some minor illness.
Hunger; excessive in nature, where you know you have eaten a substantial amount but the feeling of hunger does not go away is another of the many symptoms of diabetes.
Do you feel like your bladder is constantly full? Do you wake up in the night to visit the bathroom more times than you can count? Then here is your third of the symptoms of diabetes. Frequent passing of urine is a classic among the symptoms of diabetes.

The fifth diabetes symptom is extreme fatigue. This is one of the commonest of symptoms of diabetes. It could is so bad that you could be falling asleep after breakfast, lunch or dinner before you can even relies that you are sleepy.

Sudden changes in weight are also part of the signs of diabetes package. This is one diabetes symptom which should send you to the doctor pronto.

There are causes related to other system malfunctions that can bring on signs of diabetes and symptoms of diabetes.  What one must look out for is the fact that if any of the diabetes symptoms persists for a long time then you need to get yourself tested for diabetes.

If the symptoms of diabetes are given due respect then you can keep the disease in control and if treatment starts as the first symptoms of diabetes appear then you can successfully prevent your system from going on to advanced diabetes and all its related problems. Diet, exercise and corrective treatment of high blood sugar will keep advanced level diabetes symptoms at bay.

Some of the other signs of diabetes that you should not ignore are things like;

  • Problems of sight, blurring or weakness
  • That tingling sensation in your feet and hands or a numb feeling, one of the symptoms of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy.
  • Your cuts and bruises take forever to heal. This is another of the signs of diabetes as diabetes can affect the immune system.
  • Your skin feels itchy and scratchy all the time. Again, Diabetes symptoms which indicate trouble in the functioning of the sweat glands and in poor circulation.

So if you have any of these signs of diabetes, any of these symptoms of diabetes then your best bet is to get a check up done.  It is not advisable to ignore diabetes symptoms because in the long run, these can develop into a major disease with lots of related problems for you.


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