Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine- The Source Of Vitamin D You Should Not Miss



It has been blowing in the wind that Vitamin D is essential to strengthen bones from infancy to old age. If your body does not contain enough of Vitamin D. The deficiency caused due it can give you tired bones and depression. These are the most common symptoms among youngsters of this generation.

Spine surgeon Dr Kedar Deogaonkar’s consulting room at P D Hinduja hospital in Mumbai. He has innumerable patients visiting him. They are mostly found complaining of severe body aches, weakness and depression. After sending for a regular blood test, most of them are tracked with vitamin D deficiency.

Dr Deogaonkar states that the tight schedules have left no time for people to even breathe. Let alone time for leisure walks. A good morning walk is the best source to get vitamin D. Vitamin D is a prohormone. It gets converted to Calcitriol in the body, primarily in the kidneys. The main function of this vitamin is to absorb dietary calcium from the intestines.

This vitamin gets produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. There are foods those are rich in vitamin. But, they are mostly non-veg or egg oriented diets. Like fish, fish liver oils and egg yolks,” says Dr Sweety Mandot, a dietician at Bhatia Hospital.

While whole grains, cereals and fruits also have Vitamin D, it may or may not meet the daily need. “That’s also why most vegetarians (especially Jains) are detected with Vitamin D deficiency,” adds Mandot.

The main concern raising due to vitamin D deficiency is weak bones and muscles. They are causing osteomalacia and osteoporosis.This leads to an increased chances of fractures. It can even make your body prone to infections due to low immunity.

Some studies show a close relation between this deficiency and other problems. Like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some kinds of cancer.

Says consultant physician Dr Sharat Kolke, who specializes in internal medicine and diabetes.

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