Study Finds, Bad Parenting Makes Teenagers EIGHT Times More Addicted To Alcohol


Parents, please be alert!

If your teenage kids have increased the intake of alcohol, it may be alarming for their future and put a question mark on your upbringing. The astonishing fact has found from a study.

The new research firmly says that it is parenting style which greatly influence on a teenager bad addiction mainly alcohol.Bad parenting at the age of 16 may increase the addiction more than eight times and may go double at the age of 34.Also the study has found, “bad parenting at the age of 10 may increase the chances of bad addiction and it may grim at the age of 30.”

The shocking study has been found in Britain where around 15,000 children were supervised for the last 40 years. The research has found that the manner you bring up your kids greatly effects on their future lifestyle. Parents who are tough in nature and treat their kids’ discipline may play a great role in inducing alcohol addiction.

It is advised to develop a warm and loving relationship in the early years with children and assert discipline and supervision at the ages of 15 and 16 to cope with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.


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