Stress Really Can Make You Fat- Learn How To Combat It!

can stress make you fat

Can stress make you fat? Yes, it absolutely can. How does stress make you fat? Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes you fat. It is present inside your body and the level of secretion varies according to the nature of your body.

If your body is under stress then your body starts producing high levels of cortisol. It plays an important role in providing us energy and boosts memory function.

But if your body has a larger amount of secretion then cortisol can leave negative effects. As a result, your body starts showing negative signs. In today’s busy lifestyle, we face a high level of stress and things became worse when people started ignoring their health and fitness.

Research suggests that there is a drastic increase in the number of chronic stress disorder cases.

Chronic stress victims show negative effects like imbalance of blood sugar level, accumulation of excess abdominal fat, and high blood pressure. People who have a high proportion of cortisol are more likely to be food addicted. They tend to eat more carbohydrates, consequently leading to abdominal fat. Needless to say, fat is harmful and results in health problems. It consequentially increases the chances of heart attacks and cholesterol imbalance. 

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It’s advisable to indulge in certain activities which enable you to reduce your stress level. Get yourself moving. Physical exercise is regarded to be highly beneficial for relaxation. Most people find exercise to be an idle way to lead a relaxed life. Usually, we do different forms of exercise like running, jogging, swimming, etc.

It surely does wonders in keeping your body fit and reduces your body’s physical signs of stress. In order to gain a complete form of physical as well as mental peace, we need to find those activities that will work for the body and for your mind too.

Martial arts training proves to show miraculous results in building an ultimate level of concentration. Furthermore, it helps you to relieve your mind from excruciating stress. Martial arts require a complete concentration of your body movements. It bestows strength to your body and gives you complete relief.

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Breathing technique like Kung Fu is used all over the world to combat the stress of everyday life. Kung Fu literally clears your mind and alleviates mental stress. It includes physical activities which ease the physical signs of stress and its breathing models which purify your mind which in turn relieves you from any kind of stress. Once you start practicing Kung Fu it will drastically bring down the level of cortisol.

So are you dieting to get rid of those extra pounds? Try the Kung Fu technique and see a pleasant change in yourself. If your diet plan is not working right then chances are that it might be your stress level. “Kick off” by training your mind and the body with gratifying techniques of martial arts.

If you have been wondering: Can stress make you fat?; then you have got your answer that yes, stress makes you fat. The only key factor to lead a fulfilling life without stress is to have a positive outlook towards life with a healthy diet plan!

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