Smokers! Know How To Quit Smoking


How to quit smoking is the question all smokers around the globe ask themselves and each other.  It has become a practice for them to pass remarks like “its hard to quite smoking” or “I am addicted to it”.  However, at the same time they are best advisors to the younger generation.  They give many tips on how to quite smoking.  As always, if they could only practice what they preach life would be made quite simple for all. Smokers! Know How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is a common sight throughout the world. It has taken root in the richest as well as the poorest individuals.  For youth it starts a trend.   They feel that this is part of their manhood.  Unless they smoke will they be considered grown ups.

The basic idea derived psychologically out of smoking is that it relaxes the mind and helps to have better concentration; it relieves you from boredom and loneliness.  Nevertheless, these reasons have been proved wrong.  Instead it does just the opposite.  It kills your inner body; it gives you more stress and pain.  If people know that this is the fact about smoking will they decide to find methods how to quit smoking?

Millions and millions of non-smokers are finding the same joy; satisfaction and relaxation that smokers claim to get through smoking.  How does this work for them?  Why, for instance take the reaction of a non-smoker to a cigarette.  They just don’t feel the need to light another cigarette and hold it between their fingers.  Why?  They have finally found the method of how to quit smoking!

It is very simple and easy to do this.  No pills are required, no unwanted treatment and the like. They rehabilitation centers give you all the treatment that you need to know on how to quit smoking, but many a time the addiction comes back.  Not all the patients show full results.  This is nothing but lack of will power.  A smoker should have a strong, a very strong power within that will set their nerves to think and decide how to quit smoking.

Various methods like chewing gum, nicotine patches etc. don’t actually give you a chance to quit smoking.  All that smokers need is to do is ask their inner-most self a few questions, what do we get by smoking?  What if we quit smoking?  Will we be the same?  Arrive at the answer that they really want to know how to quit smoking.  This is enough; just keep reminding themselves of these few questions while taking a long morning walk in the light breeze either along the sea shore or along anywhere.  Surely this is best remedy to know how to quit smoking.  Nothing can beat this!



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