10 Sure-Shot Giveaways You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Not sleeping enough

How will things be like if you try to fit things in an overcrowded day? It is almost like trying to block a pizza box in a garbage box. This might fit but at the cost of something else. It is exactly the same when you try restricting sleep thinking it’s not important.

Make sleeping your favorite

Most of the time people give up sleep for their favorite book, TV show or few minutes of browsing Facebook. In this way, people have got into the habit of stretching their day by stealing their night’s sleep. But it is important to note that people need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. There are many people that say that they do not get time to sleep because they are unable to fit in all activities of the day.

Make sleeping your favorite
Don’t think you are too brave to sleep more!

Some people think that they can get going with few hours of sleep and will still feel fine. But the next morning, they get anxiety and headache due to lack of sleep. There might be some people that become resistant to sleep. Functionally, they might be OK, but metabolically they are not fine.

Doctors maintain that skipping sleeps can cause anything from headache to serious conditions leading even to death. This does not mean sleep alone has to be blamed, but one needs to get a good night’s sleep.

lack of sleep

Here are 10 sure-shot giveaways you’re not sleeping enough:

  • Always feeling tired: This means that you will lack energy always, have trouble in focusing and get the feeling of ‘out of it’ every time.
  • Feeling sleepy all the time: This means, one is yawning, nodding and can’t keep eyes open.
  • Frequent headaches: Sleep deprivation leads to headaches.
  • Skipping meals: When you eat less, you sleep less too.
  • Less concentration: You tend to concentrate less when you do not sleep enough.
  • Irritation and frustration: Restricted hours of sleep lead to irritation.
  • Forgetful memory: People generally have poor memories when they do not sleep.
  • Poor sleep hygiene: You simply do not know how much you sleep? This can also be simply because  you do not choose to sleep
  • Sleep apnea: It is a condition in which you repeatedly stop breathing while you are asleep. This leads to brief awakening and a loud snort.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: Sleeplessness is worsened when aggravated by fatigue due to over exertion, which in turn might have originated from lack of proper sleep.

According to National Sleep Foundation (NSF), sleep is important for a person’s good health and well being. Yet there are millions of people around the world that do not get enough time to sleep.  According to a survey, it was found that there are about 40 million Americans that suffer from 70 different sleeping disorders.

Not only this, there are about 60 percent adults that have troubles sleeping for few nights, week or more. Moreover, there are about 40 percent adults that experience daytime sleepiness that acts as hindrance to their daily activities. Furthermore, 69 percent of children suffer from sleeping disorders.

Keep in mind that sleep can be a barometer for your overall health. People in good health tend to sleep better. And conversely, sleeping well is important for your physical health and emotional well being.

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