7 signs that your Child is in Depression


Have you lately observed that your child has lost that innocence as a kid? Is he more interested in getting himself locked inside his room and doesn’t want to go out to play with his friends? Is he becoming more of a quiet lad in social gatherings instead of fun?

Well, he might be suffering from an early phase of depression and not just sad about any problem as you might be thinking.

What is depression?

A mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. -Source

Sometimes a child may seem sad but that doesn’t actually mean he is depressed. But if this sadness persists and affects his normal day to day life then it can be a cause of depression.

Here are some symptoms and early diagnostic signs that tell your child is going into depression.

1. Frequent irritability

If your child is getting irritated frequently, it means he is not liking anything. When people are an early phase of depression, they can’t tolerate even minor deviations from what they want. They want everything to go their way. If your child is getting frequently irritated unlike before, then he might be getting into depression

2. Social withdrawal

Once the charm of the social gathering, if your child suddenly starts to move away from such social gatherings and interacting less with other members out there, then it might be a serious problem and maybe an early phase of depression.

3. Frequent anger, even on small things

Most of the time a child understands that not everything is meant to go his way. But if he frequently gets angry even on little things, then it’s time to talk to him.

You must consider reading Yogasanas to improve mental health. It will be beneficial for both you and your child.

4. Change in appetite

Not only adults, but the eating habit also changes among kids as well when they are going through depression. If you find your child is eating than normal or has reduced his diet, then it is a sign that she is going into depression.

5. Crying

When a child is going through depression, they are more prone to emotional outbreak. Frequent vocal outbursts and crying are enough of a symptom of finding out they are not well and all getting mentally unstable.

6. Low concentration

Their mental concentration power is reduced sufficiently when the child is in depression. Their mind is always boggling around the things that are bothering them. Most of the time they will feel lost, thinking about something and less sign of being attached to the work they are doing.

 If your child loves painting and suddenly he lost interest in that, then he might be suffering from depression. 

7. Abnormal behavior

Yes, being a parent, you understand how your child reacts and does his daily tasks. It can be easily recognized if there is a change in his behavior. It might include, less interaction with family, late or early sleeping, reduced interest in playing his favorite video game and many other things.

Once you recognize this, you need to talk with him/her.

The sooner the child understands this, the greater will be his ability to tackle such situations in the future.

Do let us know your views about this article. Let other readers know the things you observe in your child that shows they are getting into depression. Early diagnosis can prevent any future happenings.

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