Side Effects of Seasonal Birth Control Pills


The contraceptive pills which allow a woman to have four periods in a year are termed as seasonal birth control pills. These pills are also prescribed to women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps and can tolerate only a few periods. In case of contraception, these pills are known to suit only some women. Most of the women experience one or the other kind of uncomfortable symptoms.

When you take seasonal birth control pills, you may suffer from vaginal spotting between the periods. You may even experience a flow of blood as heavy as in a regular period. Secondly, you may suffer from the episodes of headache and heaviness of the head.

Thirdly, you may feel yourself nauseous and can actually vomit at times. Finally, you may experience enlargement of your breast which may feel to be tender and sore.

Since birth control pills have enough potential to get you lying down for hours on a bed and worrying about your health, you should take them only with a doctor’s consent. If you are taking them and are suffering from their side effects, seek medical attention as early as possible.


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