She Complained Of Back Pain During Pregnancy Reading This She Realised Why



pregnancy and back pain

With a group of women discussing how they surpassed the back pain during pregnancy, some would be mothers got scared!

To dig into the  root cause of these pains and find an easy cure to it, I went out to chit-chat with some Gynecologists. The visit helped me extract some relevant knowledge which I am going to share with you.

Back pain is common amongst most women during their pregnancy. It tells you about your baby growing and can be tough to bare in some cases.

While you bare the pain you are also inquisitive to know the cause of it.

Here are a few points to educate you about the reasons behind. In most cases, the consistency of pain starts in the other half of the pregnancy.

Becoming a mother is a complete alteration in your life. From the body to life and even the meaning of everything surrounding you.

It involves a lot of changes in a woman from mental to physical. When talking about physical fatigues.

Here are a few causes those lead to back pain during pregnancy.

1. Altered Posture

Once the pregnancy clock starts ticking our body starts to experience changes. Some are minute some are major. Amongst the common symptoms of morning sickness, sleepiness, and cravings. Pain in the back is also a part. Most women often ignore the pain thinking it to be obvious. To explain in simple words, the body is growing because it’s making room for another life inside. Till the ripe time comes for the infant to leave the womb after  the process of nurturing.

It makes the body go under changes like expanding of stomach and breasts. The back has to bare the extra weight of the body. It generates constant pain.

pregnancy and related care

2. Hormone Change

The hormones are the first ones those fluctuate when anything new happens to our body. Weight gain is the first to inaugurate the pregnancy time. The spine needs to hold that weight, this process can cause back pain to occur. Due to the Laxin hormone the pelvic area and joints become loose to make way for the body to come out. It can push the spine to fall lose and give more pain in the back area.

3. Muscle Break Up

Due to the constant changes in the body the muscles relax to prepare a channel for the body. In this transition, the muscle from the rib cage till the pelvic area separates its self. It causes severe pain in the back.

4. Back Pain History and Stress

Women who have suffered a back injury during their teenage or early years. They are likely to have chronic back pain. This can add to the usual pain that is accompanied with pregnancy.

Stress is another cause of back pain and other kind of  pains during pregnancy. It can even add to problems or affect the baby inside.

Remedies to Cure the Pain

reasons for severe back ache

1. Light Exercise

Pregnancy does not mean you have to quit exercise and lie back on the bed. There are specific exercises those are for pregnant women. They help to make you flexible and build stamina for the delivery day. Yoga postures, walks, and a few meditation sessions can help you relax your body. They ease the pain and keep you active throughout the day. Exercising daily will give you good sleep. It even neutralizes the mood swings during those months.

2. Massage

Massage is a nice way to relax your senses and the muscles of your back and legs. Since, your legs and back carry the entire weight. Make them relax with a nice massage to ease the cramps. If possible find a therapist who knows the right acupuncture points to relax the muscles.

3. Sleeping Posture

Sleeping in the right posture is important for the mother to be. The lady with a blessed belly cannot sleep in any posture. She needs to sleep in a way that holds the baby safe and even gives her comfort. Sleeping sideways is the best posture for both mother and the baby.

It will reduce the pain that can increase if you sleep flat on your back.

pregnancy workout to cure back ache

4. Right Posture

The changes in the body and weight gain should not change your physical posture. Try to keep your body straight. Avoid slouching and even sloppy shoulders.

Try taking support on the back whenever you sit to keep your posture straight and reduce back pain.

Do not fear your pregnancy due to backaches. Instead, opt for ways to make your journey fun loving and positive for the both of you.

A Little reading about pregnancy will add knowledge and also make you a confident mother!

Happy pregnancy!

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