Sex could have averted World War II !


In an interesting research that came out in a study done by psychologists, sex could have averted people from doing heinous and gruesome crimes against humanity. If they are to be believed Osama would have been a calm person if he had sex more often. Shocked? But this is what they have to say.

Sex is the reason for the existence of humans, the long chain of inheritance that has brought us from being monkeys to the most intelligent humans. But there is something that we left somewhere during evolution which could solve the problem of terrorism, wars, crime and even aggression.

Imagine a life without threat and fights. The earth would be a peaceful place with love everywhere. Let’s get back to the research.

The Research

There is a species of monkeys known as Bonobo monkeys, sometimes known as chimpanzee. There is one special and peculiar thing about the monkeys that they do not fight with each other. They live in harmony with each other, so much so that aggression is completely unknown to them.

Do they not believe in survival of the fittest, do they not fight for top positions in their herds? No, they do not! The reason according to researchers is that they have sex almost 20 times in any normal day. Surprising! Even more surprising is the fact that whenever they come across a heated situation or when there are chances of aggression, they pair up and make out.

The results

The researchers also found out that the female bonobo knows more than 20 facial expressions to call up her mate for making out. The research is somewhat contradictory to the fact that sex in some organisms is actually the reason for struggle.

There are species in which the male partners fight furiously with each other in order to win over the female. One supporting view to the new finding is the old study that shows that the existence of every species is to proliferate by reproduction.

Initial researches tell that it works in the case of humans as well. Researchers are still working to find out the relation of sex and aggression in humans. And if it is found to be true it will be an established fact that Hitler could have been a kinder man and that the World War II would have been averted.


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