6 Amazing Things Running Does to You & How to Get into a Habit

6 Amazing Things Running Does to You & How to Get into a Habit
6 Amazing Things Running Does to You & How to Get into a Habit

Running is a form of cardio that is accessible to anyone. Running outdoors exposes us to a breath of fresh air and brings us closer to nature. In fact, we explore new places that we never knew existed. It is a great form of exercise, be it to shed calories or maintain your overall fitness and curbs lethargy. Since it is an aerobic exercise, our body and brain get more oxygen. Below are six reasons to motivate you to start running.


Did you know! The fastest running animal is cheetah with a speed of around 115 kmph, and the slowest is snail with a speed of 0.5 kmph.

1.  Burns Calories, Maintains Weight & Cures Obesity

  • Running heats up the body and releases a lot of sweat. This means calories and fats burn. A heavier person burns more calories than a leaner one. A person who runs a longer distance burns more calories than the one who runs a shorter distance.
  • Running maintains the weight and keeps muscles toned.
  • Running over a long period of time helps you get rid of obesity, and prevents foreseeable cardiac, orthopedic and nervous issues.

Did you know! Your mother’s genes are to be thankful to if you are a great runner! Research shows that your mother’s gene pool is responsible for your fitness abilities!

2.  Mental Health & Sleep

  • Running has direct effects on the frontal cortex.
  • It is as good as a tranquilizer and boosts mood instantly.
  • Running tires down the body, therefore you tend to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed.
  • Research says that running builds strength from within. It increases mental and intuitive strength.
  • Running fights depression, anxiety, stress and obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD).
  • It also improves cognitive performance, memory, and overall brain activity.

Did you know! Running outdoors burns more calories than on a treadmill due to stronger air resistance.

3.  Physical Strength

  • Besides burning fat, running builds strong muscles and bones, hence boosts physical strength.
  • Running helps with back, bones and muscular issues and increases your efficiency.
  • You, therefore, tend to live longer and stronger.

4.  Cholesterol

  • There are two types of cholesterol which run through our bloodstream– LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). LDL is considered to be unhealthy and vice-versa.
  • Running not only cuts down on LDL but research has proven that people who run have higher levels of HDL.
  • Make sure to cover up longer distances gradually. Speed doesn’t matter here.

5.  High on Positivity & Energy

  • You will notice that you’re always energized and charged.
  • Since it cuts down on stress, you think better and are always positive.
  • It will give you the energy to be more productive and of course boost confidence.
  • In fact, you’ll find yourself motivating others to run!

6.  Better Skin & Overall Look

  • Running makes you sweat which in turn flushes toxins out of your body.
  • It prevents acne, improves skin tone, gives your skin a lustre and makes you look younger.
  • It improves stature and posture.
  • It burns excessive belly and thigh fat and tones you down.
  • In fact, it gives your face a chiseled look and helps get rid of a double chin.

Did you know! Running makes you feel more attractive according to study conducted by the University of Arkansas with 408 participants.

How to get into a habit:

1.   To start off as a beginner, begin with brisk walking for a few days, slowly move towards jogging and then start running.

2.   Buy yourself a pair of great looking running shoes and clothing to motivate you for a run.

3.   Do not over do. That will only make you skip your upcoming running sessions.

4.   Set little milestones. Treat yourself with something you love after clearing each milestone.

5.   Join running groups.

6.   Make a music playlist that boosts your energy.

7.   Monitor your milestones. There are calculators available online that can count approximate calories you burnt using your body weight, distance and time taken. Check one out here.

8.   There are other devices like wrist bands that calculate heartbeat, steps and calories more precisely.

Did you know! Most injuries caused while running are due to ill fitting shoes.

We humans have evolved from primates who were born gymnasts and runners. A sedentary lifestyle in the current world not only deteriorate physical health and stamina but also affect mental health and mental stamina. Getting into the habit of running helps us with more than just a good physique and weight loss. It improves our lifestyle drastically, cutting down on risks of cancer, cardiovascular and neurological issues. It also brings us closer to nature.

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