Risky Age Group Takes Vaccines For Common Flues In Ireland


Ireland-The country has faced approximately more than 300 hundred deaths due to seasonal flues and illnesses. The middle-aged population mostly working with healthcare sector or victim of prolonged illness are at higher risk of catching deadly seasonal flues.

Year after year the number of people taking such vaccine is increasing. The science is advancing their research to give better protection against maximum flues. The present year they aim at focusing on three common flues those affecting Ireland.

The health service executive has offered to provide the vaccine free of cost for the citizens above the age of 65, pregnant women, health workers and even people with the longterm illness.

Dr Brenda Corcoran, head of the HSE’s National Immunisation Office promises that the vaccine has no side effects and is the best prevention from the flu.

She further says the vaccine Is expected to keep away from the flu coming winters and is 40 to 90% effective.

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