Regular Eating Schedule Helps Diabetics Control Blood Sugar Levels


According to American Diabetes Association, diabetics should follow a regular eating schedule to better maintain glucose control. If you are at risk or are presently suffering from diabetes, you should schedule your meals at somewhat fixed eating times. If you have to dine in a restaurant some day, make sue that you make a reservation well in advance.

This will prevent you from waiting in a long line for a table. Also, check out from the waiter if the meal you wish to order takes longer time to get prepared. At times, you may have to eat later than usual. To cope with such a situation, eat a fruit or carbohydrates serving at the time you are normally have the meal. Make any insulin adjustment, if needed, as directed.

Fortunately a majority of the cases of diabetes are preventable by following a healthy lifestyle. Some of them can even be reversed. If you wish to see such a miracle in your case, you need to eat a healthy diet, exercise moderately yet regularly, and keep your body weight in check. Eating right involves three basic things. They are what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. What you should eat should be mostly plant foods. Cut short on the intake of refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks. Eat at fixed times. Eat small amounts of foods and more frequently.

This will help you keep the blood sugar level constant. Try to eat all foods in portion size only. This is because even if you eat healthy foods but in large amounts, you will gain weight and suffer from high sugar concentration in blood. Therefore, eating in right amounts is also of prime importance. Follow the tips on eating ways given in this article to control, or recover from, diabetes.



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