Quit Smoking-It’s Time to Live!


Why go smoke free, wonders many. But seldom anyone pays heed to it. Someone, may be you, need to kick this bad habit for yourself and your loved ones. We all know the dangers well, but never realize cigarettes or snuff doesn’t leave a single cell unaffected. Even the fumes of the cigarettes are not safe. We understand all this, but why still we find it difficult to quit smoking.

People have their own reasons to smoke. Now, if you feel that handling a cigarette makes you enjoy more, try to fiddle with coins, pencils, or paper clips. There are many quit smoking tips that can help you to kick it away. You can try your hands at drawings or knitting. They will help you to overcome your urge to smoke. Many people usually smoke when they feel tensed. In that case, try healthier approaches to cope with it. Do some exercise, relax with yoga, or chew some sugar free gum. Most importantly, you must be ready to bear the consequence and trauma of giving up smoking.

Many smokers just smoke out of curiosity. Some love to smoke to fight their boredom or to overcome the peer pressure. In some cases, many teenagers have learnt to smoke out of their rebellious attitude towards their parents. But yet there are ways by which you can stop smoking now. You can do this by observing the situations, conducive to smoke. You have to actually watch, when you are doing this, is it while a letter writing, drinking coffee, watching television, a phone call or any other thing.

If it has become your habit, then you can change your daily routine. Avoid performing a daily routine that connects you to it. Create certain variations in your day to day activities. Similarly, if drinking coffee leads you to smoke, try a glass of orange or grapefruit juice.

It is believed that citrus juice has the capacity to stop smoking. You can also patronize smoke free restaurants or can avoid bars. One of the easy steps to remove the desire to smoke is, move out ashtrays from your workplace, car, or home. Get rid of the odor of cigarette; vacuum your carpets and upholstery properly.

Usually, to make a start with anything is very easy, but getting out of the same habit is the most painful and difficult part. See for your reasons, why you want to smoke. If you do it for pleasure or to relax yourself, then substitute it with something healthier and best. So, make a good start now and live your life to the brim.


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