7 Prostate Cancer Symptoms to Watch for – Stay Safe

7 Prostate Cancer Symptoms to Watch for - Stay Safe

Are your urination problems because of prostate cancer? Is it accompanied by excessive bone pain? Then it’s time to get checked.

Prostate cancer is difficult to diagnose in its initial stages. There are no early warning signs of this disease. The initial symptoms of prostate cancer are however not specific to this disease and could be the reason behind some other non carcinogenic conditions like BPH or prostatitis which are rather common.

Here are a few symptoms you might experience if you suffer from prostate cancer.


If you experience pain or a burning sensation while urinating, or trouble while starting or stopping urination or even the need to urinate frequently, it’s a warning sign- not just for prostate cancer but for other serious conditions as well.


Difficulty in having an erection, or getting a painful erection are clear warning signs to watch for.


If you notice a

  1.  decrease in the amount of fluid ejaculated or
  2. experience pain while ejaculating or
  3. notice blood in your semen,

it would be a good idea to notify your doctor and ask for help.


Pain in body parts like the rectum, the pelvic region, lower back and thighs is another symptom to be aware of. While pain in these areas is not always a sign of prostate cancer, if you experience this along with the above mentioned symptoms, it’s important to get tested.

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Sometimes, if the tumor spreads to other parts of the body, you may experience numbness or stiffness in the hips, legs and feet.

Bone pain

Severe and prolonging bone pain that might lead to fracture is a sign that the cancer is in it’s advanced stages.

Weight loss

Unexplained and sudden weight loss is another sign that the tumor has spread to the other parts of your body.

As stated earlier, these symptoms could be a result of other common problems or occur due to smoking, diabetes or simply old age.

That being said, symptoms are symptoms and should not be ignored. If you experience any of these, get them checked.


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