Did You Know These Prostate Cancer causes?

Did You Know These Prostate Cancer causes?

Is milk too dangerous for you? Know the major causes behind prostate cancer and how your lifestyle could be one of them.

Cancer, in any form, is dangerous. Many men in their old age develop prostate cancer at a later stage in life. It is important to know the causes of prostate cancer so as to avoid it, or at least find out at an initial phase. Here are some factors:

Family history

If you have breast cancer or prostate cancer patients in your family, you are more likely to suffer from prostate cancer. Gene mutation is the main reason behind cancer, and inherited genes play an important role in the same


The older you are, the more are your chances of suffering from prostate cancer.

1 in 14 American men in the age group of 60-70 develop prostate cancer, whereas, only 1 in 10,000 men suffer from prostate cancer under the age of 40.


The reason behind this factor is a mystery but prostate cancer is most common among Africans and least common among Asians.

The factors mentioned above are not in your control, but other like:


A diet that’s rich in red meat and high-fat dairy products may also be a risk factor for prostate cancer. Smoking is too injurious and a leading cause of cancer.


Though it isn’t a direct reason, obesity brings along other problems, which complicate the cancer and makes treatment difficult.

These factors are controllable to an extent and it’s important to look out and stay aware.


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