Procedures You Can Benefit From A Cosmetic Dentist In Anchorage


If you have crooked teeth or need to fill a gap in your smile, you may need to see a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage. Cosmetic dentistry involves a number of procedures to improve the way your teeth look. There are some procedures that will lighten the shade of your teeth and some that can fix broken teeth or missing ones.

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered by insurance or might involve limited coverage. Before seeing an anchorage dentist for a cosmetic procedure, it would be best to check if your insurance will cover the procedure. You should also take advantage of introductory rates or promos to lessen your out-of-pocket expenses.

Inlays and onlays are common cosmetic procedures that are used to fill decayed teeth or to repair the structure of teeth. The fillings are usually prepared in a dental lab and later applied on your tooth by a cosmetic dentist in anchorage. Inlays refer to fillings placed inside your tooth while onlays can be place outside the tooth or on the biting surface.

Veneers are thin laminates placed over the visible side of your teeth, usually in front, to make them look whiter and more aesthetically pleasing. They can be made of composite materials or porcelain and are bonded to teeth to cover stains and gaps. Once the veneer is placed on your tooth, your anchorage dentist can trim or reshape the veneer to the ideal shape.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is another common cosmetic procedure that makes your teeth appear lighter or whiter. It gets rid of ugly stains left by excessive smoking and coffee drinking. Sometimes red wine and tea can also cause teeth to discolour. Your dentist may also apply a whitening compound and laser to lighten the shade of your teeth.

Tooth implants can replace lost teeth and fill gaps in your smile. An implant can also support a bridge. This kind of procedure is performed by a periodontist or dental surgeon with the use of sedation and anaesthetics. A metal root is surgically implanted into your jaw bone after which a crown will be placed to replace the lost tooth. These are just some procedures a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage can do for you.


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