Pregnancy Tips


Pregnancy is a breathtaking experience that arrives with its regular do’s and don’ts that an expectant mother should inhabit. Pregnant women who follow this code of instructions specifying the do’s and don’ts enjoy the pregnancy period without any discomfort. This is the period when their babies are within them and adhering to these ifs and buts will let them have their way by reaping excellent and comfortable rewards. These rewards materialize in the form of their babies. It is often because of these babies that hopeful mothers gladly tolerate the difficulties that come on their way during their pregnancy stages.

Generally, it is anticipated of pregnant women to forsake all their vices such as drinking alcohol or smoking. This is because these vices are harmful to the unborn babies. This can result in premature labor or low birth weight, brain defects or other health problems to the new born child. It is advisable for pregnant moms and for moms who are planning to conceive to desert such vices.

One of the essential things expected from an expectant mother is to concentrate on healthy living. This involves taking in nutritious foods and drinking lots of water. Fruits, wheat breads, eggs, meat, vegetables, fish and milk are the main food that an expecting mom should have. Avoid eating junk foods as these possess artificial preservatives. Avoid eating too much sugar, salt and spicy foods, as they can cause barrier and put your baby at risk. Walking, swimming, practicing yoga, and light aerobics are some of the recommended exercises for an expectant mom to perform gently.

Reflecting upon some best parenting advices as well as pregnancy tips and exercises are of great source to expectant mothers.

Pregnancy Tip 1: 
Realize to adore your belly. Do not shrink from others when they watch you with a big belly.

Pregnancy Tip 2: 
Beg and borrow maternity clothes so that it is of great aid during the last few weeks.

Pregnancy Tip 3:

Forget the schedule date prescribed by the doctor. Just relax, and let things happen accordingly as it is absolutely normal to deliver between 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tip 4:

Enjoy admiring glances and remarks with humor. This will allow you to lead the other months in peace.

Pregnancy Tip 5:

Find a health care practitioner you adore as they will be able to provide enough support and answer all your queries. They should be capable of putting your fears to rest and assist you in providing the best pregnancy and delivery.

Pregnancy Tip 6:

Understand and tutor your body as suddenly you may feel like sleeping for long hours or you may crave for eating. Do not hesitate. Just continue and be relaxed.

Pregnancy Tip 7:

Share your feelings and experiences of everyday with some other female who is also pregnant as she may listen patiently. Moreover, her ideas and experiences will be of great source to you.

Pregnancy Tip 8:

Buy things that are essential to you than the baby as he will grow out of anything new. But you can purchase things for your comfort as this will be of great assistance after the child birth.

Pregnancy Tip 9:

‘Morning sickness’ can cause irritation as this can happen at any time of the day. So tolerate it with ease.

Pregnancy Tip 10:

Everyone has a unique experience of pregnancy. Listen to everything and set heart to things that are fascinating and useful. Ignore the rest.

Practicing yoga before or after pregnancy is recommended as it helps in keeping calm and peaceful. The breathing yoga exercises are of great relief during the childbirth process. Following a set of rules during pregnancy is recommended.

1. Drink lots of water. Your body temperature increases so much so that it harms your baby. Take repeated water breaks to regulate your body temperature.

2. Ensure that you are eating perfect meals with bounty of nutrition. The additional effort you use while practicing yoga sessions will take away a lot of calories.

3. Some poses are not recommended during pregnancy. Stop those activities that demand good balance. If you happen to lose balance, you could injure yourself and your child.

Consulting your doctor before starting any exercise program, including yoga is highly recommended. Learn to understand your body and restrict overdoing.

Exercising during pregnancy ensures tremendous benefits. It will assist you in keeping in shape and will make labor easier for you and your baby. It is believed that mothers who exercised during pregnancy had babies with higher intelligence. These three exercises are recommended for pregnant women.

The first exercise is a simple exercise which will work on the hips and make them stronger and fit for labor. You have to lie on the floor, bend your leg slightly, and then lift your leg straight. This exercise will help in keeping the hip pain away from you during pregnancy.

The second exercise is walking. Walking helps you in getting into shape and sets for labor. You don’t have to walk big distances, but the more you walk the better you feel and this results in additional energy you are going to experience. While walking, enjoy the natural surroundings and all the pleasant things that cross your eyes.

The third exercise is also simple and is called a butterfly press. Hold both arms in a U shape, compress your chest muscles and start moving your arms slowly, and then go back again. This helps in making your muscles tight.

Exercising has numerous benefits during pregnancy. It can guide you have a healthy baby, speed delivery and recovery time after delivery. Encourage practicing exercise and you will notice the difference. Exercising is good for any pregnant lady.



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