Pregnancy Test and Birth Control – Things You May Want To Know!


Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting stage for every woman, as she lays her feet on the first stepping stone of motherhood. As a woman you feel complete after attaining motherhood. After one intercourse, you start assuming you are pregnant. Confirmation of pregnancy gives you a mixed feeling of happiness and fear. Happiness is because you are bringing your own child and fear is regarding the childbirth process.

Confirmation of pregnancy through actual pregnancy tests is the right way to ascertain pregnancy.  A pregnancy test is done to ensure the presence of a hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood or the urine of the pregnant woman. This hormone is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone. The presence of HCG in the blood or urine is a confirmation that the woman is on her family way.
How to test pregnancy

There are two ways of testing pregnancy; one test is done on the blood and the other on the urine for pregnancy hormone. A urine test can also be done at home to ascertain pregnancy. Blood test has to be conducted at a doctor’s place. It is noticed that in recent times, women do the pregnancy test at home as these tests are private, easy and inexpensive. Urine tests confirm your pregnancy within two weeks following the ovulation. While, some urine states that they can confirm pregnancy in a day, if your period is missed even for a day.

Pregnancy tests are done using the Home pregnancy test kit. Home pregnancy tests can be expected to be accurate if they are utilized properly. The directions mentioned in the kit should be followed accordingly. You should be acquainted with its usage as to how to use the kit and when exactly to use them.

Similarly, birth control is a system of preventing pregnancy. Birth control helps you in deciding the time factor as to when to have a child. There are different forms of birth controls available. It is essential to know about the various methods of preventing birth control. The method you adopt should give you security and also prevent you from becoming pregnant. Every birth control method has its own favors and swindles.

Birth control can be done under various methods such as family planning, contraception, fertility control, and pregnancy prevention. Generally, all birth control methods are established on the basis of restricting male’s sperm from entering and contacting female’s egg, there by preventing further growth. Birth control methods are in two types, reversible and permanent. Reversible birth control methods are within our control, while Permanent birth control methods cannot be reversed because these methods involve surgery. Vasectomy for males and Tubal ligation for females are instances of permanent birth control methods.

Birth control methods can be classified into barrier method, mechanical method, hormonal method and natural method. Condom is the illustration for barrier method. Insertion of intrauterine device is an illustration of mechanical method. Hormonal method revolves using pills. Natural methods deals with women’s body physiology.

Birth controls are available in various forms, but none of them can provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Only strict abstinence can prevent you from entertaining hazardous diseases. Some of the birth control methods are explained to have a better idea of its functionalities.

Speaking of surgical sterilization, it is believed to be the permanent method of contraception. Sterilization is recommended for couples who do not want children in the future.

What is Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a type of sterilization done for a man. Vasectomy stops the sperm from exiting his penis during intercourse. This surgery is done by a specialist surgeon or urologist. Similarly, Tubal ligation is done on woman’s fallopian tubes, so that it is blocked and eggs do not enter. It is a form of permanent sterilization method. Tubal ligation takes 30 to 450minutes of time. This is not a permanent solution for birth control.


Hysterectomy is removal of the uterus in a woman. The IUD is also a method of birth control especially for women. It is a small T inserted in the uterus by healthcare. IUD is one of the effective and safest forms of contraception that starts working instantly. Two types of IUDs are available. One is Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) and other is intrauterine system (IUS).

There are different hormonal methods of birth control such as oral Contraceptives, insertion and injection into the body. The oral contraceptives are the pills which are available in two types, the combination pill and the mini pill. The combination pill restricts the eggs from maturing. The mini pill is also effective for birth control provided it is taken regularly. Few other hormonal methods are Contraceptive patch and vaginal ring.

Natural birth control methods are based on the sexual intercourse timings and eggs fertilization. Natural methods are the safest as it involves no side effects, surgery or drugs. But, a small slip will result in pregnancy.



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