Planned Parenthood Raid- A Political Play Or The Game Of Fetal Tissue


The health investigators at Texas on their visit to planned parenthood clinics came across hundreds of records those stated seekers and donors related to fetal tissue.

The leaked undercover videos showed discussions on fetal tissue dealings in the clinics. This triggered the government to extend no further Medicaid funding to these parenthood clinics.

The officials sent letters stating that they had violated Medicaid program rules and guidelines those were clearly visible in the video.

The step by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is said to be an assurance towards greater access to safe health care for women and also protecting the most vulnerable — the unborn.

The anti-abortion group states that the clinic had been practicing it for profit making. To this statement, the clinic retaliates and denies the allegation.

The investigators uninformed visited San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Brownsville and collected all the information of both donors and receivers in reference to the fetal tissue. Files from Austin and Waco are also expected to reach to them.

The report faced a twist when CEO Ken Lambrecht of Planned Parenthood Texas said. “We believe that this is exactly what it is, another political attack targeted at Planned Parenthood.”

He further states that the video is a highly edited version and has no evidence to prove such allegations. The seize by the government has also prohibited family planning and healthcare services, such as HIV tests and cancer screenings.

As stated by the clinic removing funding is likely to take health care from thousands of women and men who are Dependant on Planned Parenthood for all kinds of preventive care.

Abbot claimed that he will not support any barbaric act against babies and will make all the efforts to end it.

Louisiana, GOP presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered his state to remove parenthood clinics from Medicaid funds.

On reaching the court, the judge granted the clinics 2 more weeks for non-abortion services on the basis of no evidence report.

The clinic has 30 days to respond to the letter issued against them and come out clean.

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