Patients loose vision after eye surgeries in an eye camp


According to the report prepared by a team of doctors, it is found that 7 of the patients who underwent eye surgery are complaining of vision loss. The surgeries were done in an eye camp held in nurpur, Panjab.

The team of the doctors mentioned in their report that to rule out the cause, they tested the medicines used by the patients. By doing so, they found that the medicines were contaminated with pseudomonas bacteria.

It is important to mention that free eye camps were being organized by an NGO named Nagni Mata Prabhakar Committee at nurpur after taking permission from the health departments. But it is said that permissions were given only for screening purpose. To know better, further investigation would be carried on.

But Hari Singh, the head of the NGO, states in this matter that the camp was held only for the purpose of check-up. He said that only 7 complaints had come with the issue of vision loss and all of them have been sent to a private hospital, Pathankot. However, police complaints are filed and investigations are still going to know the root of the issue.

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