ALERT: Vegan Diet During Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous

pregnancy and vegan
According to research, pregnancy and vegan do not go hand-in-hand. Being vegan during your pregnancy can cause serious complications for you and your baby. The outcome of your baby’s health and the quality of the breast milk is completely depends on the nutritional status...

Foods to Avoid During Migraine Headache And The Science Behind It

migraine triggering foods
The role of any specific diet is not yet proven; however, certain studies have found connections between migraine and certain foods. Apparently, there are a few migraine triggering foods that we should be aware of. "Millions of people throughout the world are always on the...

These Powerful Home Remedies Will Purify Your Blood

blood purification home remedies
Blood is an integral part of the human body because it carries out many responsibilities. Some of them include transportation of oxygen, fat, minerals, salts, and even metabolic waste and carbon dioxide. Our lungs, liver, and kidneys are designed to purify blood naturally. Yet,...

7 Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory

foods to boost memory
The physical and mental aspects of the body are completely dependent on what kind of food we eat. This body is an accumulation of the food that we have eaten since we are born. Eating the right kind of food can make your body...

7 Proven Benefits of Dark Chocolate

benefits of dark chocolate
Everybody loves chocolate. What if I tell you that there are many health benefits of dark chocolate? Yes, that’s correct. Well, not all the chocolates, but the dark chocolates especially have a lot of proven health benefits.The dark chocolate, not the one loaded with...