11 Natural Colon Cleanser Your Didn’t Know Exist In Your Kitchen.



Colon is an important part of the digestive tract where water absorption takes place. It is otherwise known as the large intestine. It has three parts namely, the ascending colon, transverse colon and sigmoid colon.


To keep the colon clean is to avoid irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colon cancer, etc. And the best part is that these cleansers are available in our kitchens. Below is a list of 11 natural colon cleansers.

Did you know! A colon is never empty even after diarrhea. However, the rectum is usually empty.

1.  Garcinia cambogia / Malabar Tamarind

  •  Usually found in South Indian and Maharashtrian kitchens, garcinia cambogia is used in curries and chutneys.
  • It is a natural source of HCA (hydrocitric acid), which helps burn fat.
  • It also increases the frequency of bowel movements, therefore cleansing the colon.
  •  Plus, it has an additional benefit of making you feel full, thus suppressing the appetite.


2.  High fiber diet

  •  Fiber is great for the gut because it helps with constipation and makes stool pass on easily, thereby cleaning the colon.
  •  Include foods like whole grains and cereals to fulfill the fiber requirement of your body.

3.  Fenugreek & Rock Sugar/Mishri

  •  Fenugreek and rock sugar are magical ingredients which reduce the temperature of your stomach.
  •  Soak a tablespoon full of fenugreek seeds and a chunk of rock sugar separately overnight. Filter the sugar water and add in the soaked fenugreek seeds along with the leftover water. Stir in a bit of lime juice if you like and drink this solution first thing in the morning.
  • This helps get rid of IBS and other gut related issues, thereby keeps the colon clean.

4.  Papaya

  •  Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which aids in digestion and helps with constipation. In fact, the enzyme is used to tenderize meat.
  • It promotes a clean digestive tract.
  •  Always choose to buy the fruit from local vendors and the variety that is yellow on the outer skin and has lots of seeds in the core.

Did you know! India produces the largest amount of papaya, over 5 million tons in 2013, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO).

5.  Yogurt

  • Yogurt contains LAB or lactic acid bacteria, which is a naturally occurring probiotic.
  •  It protects the intestines from infections and helps digest lactose easily.


6.  Lemon

  • Lemon contains a fiber called pectin, which is prebiotic.
  •  Prebiotics promote good gut health by preventing infections and feeding healthy bacteria.
  • Always use fresh lemons and never skip the pulp. It is the pulp that contains all the fibers.

7.  Black Pepper

  •  Black pepper contains an alkaloid called piperine, which promotes the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, resulting in faster digestion.
  •  It also helps in the breaking down of proteins.
  • In fact, black pepper, although spicy, helps control diarrhea. It has been researched by students of Panjab University. They infected mice with diarrhea and doses of black pepper significantly reduced diarrhea.

Did you know! The word pepper comes from the Sanskrit word Pippali, meaning berry.

8.  Raw vegetable juices

  • Raw vegetable juices are known for their detoxifying properties.
  • They let the digestive system rest from the regular vigorous churning and soothe the colon.
  • They also help clean the intestinal tract and blood due to the presence of minerals and enzymes.

9.  Chia seeds & Basil seeds

  • Both chia seeds and basil seeds help control bloating and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • They are known for their soothing effect on the stomach and weight loss.
  • Additionally, basil seeds help with acidity.

10. Pomegranate

  •  It is a scientific fact and an age-old household remedy that cures cholera, diarrhea, nausea and heartburn.
  • It also aids in digestion and treats stomach infections.
  • Surprisingly, something that cures in diarrhea, also acts as a laxative for constipation.

11.  Banana

  • Bananas are a component of the BRAT (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) diet which is specifically designed for adults and children suffering from dysentery or other stomach infections.
  •  Bananas are starchy and act as a binding agent to come up with firm stools.

Did you know! Bananas and humans share 50% of DNA. Also, bananas are officially berries and banana trees are herbs.

Colon cleansing will not only aid in better digestion, prevent infections and prevent cancer, but they also help us lose weight. Keep yourself hydrated for great gut health.

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