Myeloma Cancer A Result Of A Symptomless Blood Disorder At An Early Stage- Likely To Have A Cure


It is strange to know how a blood disorder without any prior symptoms can lead to Myeloma Cancer. It is incurable cancer that affects the blood in the body. A statement from the scientists of West Midlands.

The Monoclonal Gammopathy substance is the reason behind deadly cancer. It is mostly seen in older age people and can cause cancer in the least 80-90 people. The disturbing news is that there is no way one can detect who will develop monoclonal gammopathy or not.

According to the survey, there are more than 3000 cases in the UK of Myeloma Cancer. Lead researcher, Dr. Daniel Tennant carried tests. It was between a healthy blood, monoclonal gammopathy affected blood and a sample from Myeloma Cancer patient.

In the observation he found the plasma substance between a healthy blood and the Monoclonal Gammopathy contain quite a difference.

But, when a Myeloma Cancer blood was compared to monoclonal gammopathy blood it had little difference.

This brought to the conclusion that a person affected with monoclonal gammopathy can easily get Myeloma Cancer. Since, the symptoms are not visible at all. So, a drug that can interfere between the change can help treat Myeloma Cancer. Such observation is a good discovery.

Dr. Matt Kaiser says that Myeloma is devastating cancer that causes painful bone damage. He further states that though there has been a discovery about better treatments. But, still it continues to be a fatal disease. The research has shown a gateway to treat cancer. It can even stop the progression from MGUS stage to Myeloma Cancer. They hope to save lives in both ways by treating cancer and stopping the MGUS to develop as cancer.

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