Migraines: The Killer Headache



If you are like billions of people in the world today, you have suffered from a headache at some point in your life or another.  Of these billions there are millions for whom the pain is substantially worse.  These people are Migraine sufferers.  Of all the headaches there are, migraines are the worst kind.

Most standard run of the mill headaches are treated without too much difficulty and can be treated with over the counter medicines.  These headaches though painful tend to be mild in nature.  But even if it is a mild one, if you have these headaches on a chronic basis you need to see your doctor immediately about further treatment options.  He may give you a mild prescription such as Tylenol 3. Tylenol 3 is the standard Tylenol (Acetaminophine) mixed with Codeine.  If the headaches turn out to be from stress, more likely your doctor will prescribe a regimen of massage and/or physical therapy.

Migraine headaches are another matter altogether.  Some of the milder migraines can be treated with an over the counter medicine such as Excedrin Migraine Formula or one of the others specifically made for this.  Over the counter migraine medicines differ from standard analgesics in that the migraine formulas have VERY high amounts of caffeine in them.  In essence the caffeine forces the adrenaline to quell the pain receptors causing the migraine.  But most migraines must be treated with prescription medicines.  In my twenty years experience as a migraine sufferer, the best medicine in my opinion is Maxalt. You just melt a Maxalt on your tongue and in short order your headache is gone. There are occasions where repeat dose is necessary but those are very rare. On the other side of the coin, the worst medicine is Imitrex.  When the insurance stopped covering my Maxalt and I had to begin taking Imitrex,  there was a vast difference in the relief seen.
Let’s just say that the hospital E.R. has my name listed on it for visits and that there are some I.V. bags in the trash from where the Imitrex didn’t work.  Some people swear by it.  Not me.  I swear AT it.


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