Menopause, Emotional Concerns & How to Deal the Rocking Way



Menopause Is My Friend. And Foe

Does my wife’s menopause mean our sex life is over? She is almost never in the mood. Is this really the end of intimacy in our marital life?

In the past menopause was a sign of old age and the end of life. There is life after it and it can be abundant and joyful and more exciting than you thought possible. Women can be so sophisticated…

How Do You Tell A Woman In A Menopause?

She likes to dress like a teenager.

All of sudden she panics.

She has butterflies in her stomach.

Life is not fair.

Everything is her fault.

She is aggressive.

Everything’s fine, but she is sad and gloomy.

Know what, her period has stopped!

 End of it all. Coming from Greek: menopause signifies “the end of menses.” The woman is no longer fertile. She has once lived the heavy period of puberty when all the hormones jump around looking for their place under the sun, and menopause is the next trial for the organism. The end of menses brings along plenty of disasters. It practically signifies the decline of the libido. You are now an elderly woman, and you are not becoming any prettier. Live with it. You once had a life. Now you have:

Emotional Concerns That May Be Hard To Deal With

 1. Constant PMS

the syndrome which makes women tense before menstruation

2. Irritation

being excited to anger, provoked, annoyed, exasperated

3. Paranoia

a mental disorder characterized by delusions

4. Panic

sudden fear

5. Insomnia,

being unable to sleep

6. Tiredness

feeling weary

7. Poor Concentration

being unable to fix attention.

8. Loss of Sex Drive

Lack of libido and sexual desire

9. Anxiety

Feeling uneasy, worried or apprehensive

10. Increased Sensitivity

You respond to more irritating factors than usual.

11. Mood Swings

Everything’s fine. Everything’s rotten.

Did You Try These Ways To Feel Young Naturally?

 1. Chamomile is bliss.

It actually cures your anxiety, because its effect works on the same part of the brain.

2.Color Green

Do not forget to dress in green, bathe in different shades of green, paint the walls green or the city green, because green color can reduce nervousness and it gives us calmness and positivity.

3. Laughing and crying

A woman in her menopause should laugh and cry the entire time, because this is healing for her.

4. Addictions

She should cut down on caffeine and get more sleep.

5. Yoga

There is an ancient, tested way to experience emotional relief with yoga.

6. Exercise

It will do you good and disable the confusion, distress and fatigue.

7. Anger Management

Enroll on an anger management course.

8. Spread the love

Smile at strangers. Hug strangers. Feel full of spring joys. Spreading love makes the whole world positive.

9. Positive thinking

Hang on to these thoughts: I can now do everything; I now have experience and confidence.

10. Enjoy the sun.

11. Rethink how you eat.

Susannah Marriot has written a book especially for women in their menopause. It discusses how one can stay young naturally – a medical, alternative and spiritual approach to eating naturally, rejuvenating exercise, natural beauty, health and well being. This book is a delight for the sophisticated ladies in their fifties, who would like to keep looking like Sophia Lauren and Tina Turner, full of spirit, joy and immense beauty.


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2. Susannah Marriot: 1001 Ways to Look Young Naturally

3. Menopause for Dummies.

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