5 Hesitation Those Stop Men From Family Planning


Beauty in becoming a father

The decision to give birth to a child is crucial. It does not involve the consultation of only the women, the man is an equal part of this change in life. When a woman gets pregnant, the husband also goes through the entire process. The change, addition and development.

There are various articles covering the perspective of only women during pregnancy. They have often ignored the male side to it. In this blog, I am going to discuss the perspective of a would be dad and jot down a few points that scare them!

Is My Pocket Large Enough!

The constant struggle is to maintain your lifestyle and earn well to support your family. It is one of the thought that lingers in their head. It often pulls their morale down, to expand their family or even be ready to support. He will never utter such concerns. But, will need support and encouraging pats on the back to welcome their loved one without any worry!

your child's future

Lack of Knowledge and Fear to Goof Up!

Just like women, men are not born with the degree of becoming a father. They do not know all the ways to take care of the pregnant woman. This often leads to nervousness, pulling them back from performing any duty in fear. The fear of goof up and trouble keeps them away. It is during this time that the lady should help to overcome hesitation. Make him feel comfortable. You can ease him by helping him know more about pregnancy and doing things together!

Division in Love!

This is one of the most common observation amongst men. When their spouse becomes pregnant, they start to feel left out. The feeling of being the second priority in their lives and shared love make them feel insecure. This insecurity of not getting all the attention from henceforth pushes them towards seclusion. It even generates tiffs and miscommunication. Men should discuss it, the moment this feeling clouds them. They should not let it germinate creating a problem for both.

insecurity with the baby

Delivery Horror!

As the ultimate result day of nine months, the delivery is the scariest part for both of them! They go through a lot of emotional imbalance. the boy steps back to see the whole procedure of delivery. They hesitate holding the child that he feels is new and unknown to him.

To avoid this fear, before the day arrives women should talk. She should prepare the would-be father for the big day. Resolving his side of fears insecurities and nervousness.

Will I Turn Out to be a Good Father?

The question is quite heavy. It is understandable that from a single boy to a committed partner, the transition is big. But, becoming a father is a nervous voyage. There is no rocket science attached to this tag. You just need to take each day step by step and grow with your child. No rules or specific procedure are into acquiring the degree of a father. Each day is like a clean slate for you to learn and teach, enhancing the bond and affection with your creation!

a caompanionship to a better life

Wipe out these temporary issues from your life and walk this beautiful journey!

Happy Parenting!

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