To Grow A Medicinal Marijuana Farm Hoped By Entrepreneurs Of Baltimore


Healthy Choice Alternative LLC is the place two Silver Spring based entrepreneurs will apply for the medicinal license. They aspire to be a part of the state under Maryland’s medical marijuana program by cultivating a farm in Baltimore.

The attorney person Eddie Pounds puts forward the plan of renovating an 118000 sq. ft. building as the operating hub.  The project will start with 30000 sq. ft. and then expand with the passage of time.

He even states that the place is yet not final. But, is surely away from the industrial and manufacturing area. They are looking forward to the area around the 11th councilmanicdistrict. It runs from Federal Hill through downtown and Mount Vernon north to Reservoir Hill and west to Harlem Park.

The idea is to carry out the processing and working part at the same place. The proposal is being discussed with the city officials and it promises to add 100 jobs in the next 3 yrs.

The firm is going to begin with 20 jobs. Those include growers, trimmers, packagers, security guards, human resources managers and accountants. The application at the program centre is due for 6th November. Ahead of that all the testing, inspection etc will take place.

An attempt to save the lives of several cancer patients the company aims to produce 200 pounds to 300 pounds of marijuana per month in the first year. Then 600 to 700 pounds per month in the second year.

The entrepreneurs are looking forward to this promising opportunity for both job seekers and patients. Who are in search of cure for various ailments.

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