Marionette Lines And Deep Wrinkles


Fortunately, there are number of modern methods for treating fine lines. However, when it comes to treating deep wrinkles like marionette lines the answer isn’t always so simple. While techniques like lasers and peels often work well for other skin ailments, they are almost completely ineffective at treating deep wrinkles. Let’s take a look at what your options are:

Injectable Fillers

This is probably the most effective method we currently have. Doctors that specialize in cosmetic procedures can offer this to you. Unfortunately the price is a sticking point for many – costing up to several hundred dollars per injection. Because of the price, a lot of people forgo this technique even though it’s effective.

Plastic Surgery

A face lift may be able to help with diminishing the appearance of these deep lines, depending on their location. Unfortunately this is a very costly procedure and the results don’t always look natural. The other drawback is scarring. There will be surgical scars near the hair line and under your ears after you get a face lift. True, there are many scar remover creams on the market, but not even these can completely eliminate a surgical scar. So if you are going to undergo this procedure, be sure to consider these points first.


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