Halt On Malaria Vaccine Before Its Final Take Off For Approval


World health organization was all prepared to give a green signal to the new malaria vaccine. In the midst of monitoring, they found out the vaccine needs more recommendations. Before it finally steps into the market.

The hurdle that the organization tracked is an unavoidable concern. The vaccine is considered effective. But the child taking it needs to undergo 4 regulated doses. The issue is the country who desperately need these vaccines, will they be able to fulfill the procedure of 4 doses each.

The positive part to this news is that the two advisory groups of WHO are studying and testing the vaccine. They are trying their best to include it in children’s chart of the vaccine schedule. Efforts are being made in countries those have moderate-to-high malaria rates.

The final approval can take up to 5 years, but will be a great success.

WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee acting chair, Professor Fred Binka said. It was a great move by the advisory committee of WHO.

Professor Abramson of Wake Forest University School of Medicine extended his concern stating. How the vaccine will be delivered is yet to be answered.

He further went on to say that if all four doses are not given to the children. Then this vaccine will not be used for a longer time. As it is going to be hard to figure out. How to go about it and ensuring that each child gets all the four shots for an effective result.

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