Looking Smarter Doesnot Cost You If You Adopt This Lifestyle!


Who doesn’t want to look smart? Well, no one is born smart. Rather, smartness has to be inculcated though adopting the appropriate life style. The chosen lifestyle should include exercises, fitness diets, and proper skin care and personality development sessions. So here’s a detailed insight into all these indispensable necessities.

1. Health and exercises

Health is a powerful tool that is essential for almost everything in life, whether its fighting diseases, being relieved of depression, to be physically fit and even for the healing of painful injuries. Exercises help a great deal in all the pursuits of health and fitness. Exercise is not a plague but sedentary lifestyle is.

If you are not able to commit enough time for gym classes, you can even maintain your physique through simple ways that need only body movement. Try to go on walks and do increase their timings gradually. Be active and invest you time in doing small chores like gardening, moping the floor, shoveling snow etc. its also advisable to have a lost of the innumerable fitness activities that you do in a day so that you can avoid more of sitting and sleeping.

2.Skin care tips

A healthy glowing skim would obviously enhance your smartness. In addition to it, it also bestows a “feel good” notion. Rather than investing your money into cosmetics, try using natural herbal products that donot have side effects. Those who have tanned skin should always use facemasks of egg white mixed with honey. Cucumber should be used for everyday cleansing of skin. Juice of freshly cut lemon refreshes the skin in an apparent manner. A paste of curry leaves and turmeric is quite beneficial for treating black spots   and restoring the clear skin. Neem happens to be the best cure for pimples.

3. Fitness diets

The food you eat makes a lot of your outlook, personality and smartness. It is advisable to eat more of vegetarian food rather than junk and non-vegetarian food.  More of fruits should be added in your daily diet. Drinking ample amount of water is an indispensable need.

Thus, in order to look smart you donot need to adopt those extravagant expenses. A lifestyle that takes into consideration your body, your emotional self and your confidence level is enough to endow you with smartness that cannot be bought even for million dollars.


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